REAL'ISDOM: Sometimes...you have GOT to let some people and some things go...in order to go where YOU need to go...especially if they are not going where YOU need to go...and they CAN'T go where YOU need to go. And waiting is NOT the option to see if they will ever "get it" or can ever GO where you need to go...especially since you have spent a lot of time and energy seeing that it IS what it IS...and that if they could be going where YOU were going...they would be on their way instead of going the opposite way. REALITY CHECK...and yet another sign...that you need to cut your losses before they subtract you from your addition...because hanging with folks going contrary to where YOU are trying to go is a fruitless venture that costs too much.

As Kenny Rogers would say, "You gotta know when to hold 'em; know when to fold 'em. Know when to walk away."

And that is OKAY. Everybody who started on your journey is not meant to be on your journey because it's YOUR journey; not theirs. Everybody's gotta walk their own path...or you will always end up walking someone else's and never knowing what could have been waiting for YOU at YOUR destination. Don't you want YOUR blessing?! Then kick some hobos who keep wanting all these unproductive "side trips" off YOUR bus, load up for the trip and get moving!!!

That's not to say that everyone has to go in the same direction. That's saying to NOT let anyone who's NOT going in YOUR direction that's GOoD for YOU. And you don't NEED to be pulled away by someone "counterproductive" to YOUR "time to shine" by wasting time on someone going in a different direction from you. THAT'S how you lose focus AND energy...AND money...AND time. Besides, ever seen a bus or a plane get to it's destination by going into the opposite direction?! 
Ever seen a bus or plane pick up free hitch-hikers who want to deviate from its scheduled route?!


IJS....Never get stalled on another's path when YOUR path is calling YOU. Just like seasons, relationships change. Goals change. And every relationship, just like every season may not be YOUR season (or relationship)..or goal. But as seasons and things pass, you will find yourself doing one of 2 things: moving further away from YOUR season or blooming into your own. And it will be real easy to tell which is which.

Hold no regrets for focusing on being a BETTER YOU and embracing YOUR blossoming and time in the Sunshine without a whole bunch of weeds choking you out or trying to get you stuck back in the mud and manure.

That's why seeds that become trees grow UPWARD and into the light...not back into the ground and all that manure. Just natural physics.

But everyone doesn't always pass the class, do they?





11/11/2016 5:21am

Sometime we have to leave friends because they are bad and they don't guide us to good future. It is better to leave friend than wasting our time with them because good friend always guide us to better and goodness.

01/26/2017 4:18am

This is the game you should play in 2017 as this brings the joy on every ones face keep on moving in your life without hastitaion so that you and your friend can win a lot hearts

02/11/2017 2:13am

I've always thought of myself as a bad friend. But whenever I think of how I treat my friends, well I can say that I do everything for them. I do agree with what you say, well that's what they all say. We do have to drop toxic people in our lives, so we can live a better life. Life is better without them and putting yourself first is the best thing to do.


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