ORACLE OBSERVATION: Some people just want you to feel sorry for EVERY thing they are going thru. EVERY illness...EVERY drama...EVERY pain...EVERY THING. Seriously....if EYE shared "EVERY" thing that was going on with me and my life, some of you wouldn't believe it anyway! And it would just be fodder for my enemies and the devils to think they could get a leg up.

And then EYE'd have to kill somebody and go to jail because the OTHER fish of the Pisces would kick in that's a soldier to the CORE and "remedy" the situation once and for all because ain't nobody got time for that! But...EYE'd rather not go "that" route. Got REAL shit to do. And the RISE comes when you get OFF your knees; not just stay on them.

So rather than giving the devil "ammo" and tell every little (or major) disease or drama EYE got, EYE embrace the JOY of living EACH day...DRAMA-FREE (as much as EYE can make it)...and show the "blessing" of surviving and thriving (minus ALL the details of what's going on with me...because it's not like most people would actually DO anything about it ANYWAY. Like EYE said...just "fodder" for the haters, enemies and "frenemies."

And you reaaaally don't want to come at me when you "think" EYE'm down because we ALL should know a "wounded" animal is the MOST DEADLIEST of ALL animals...and my "govern" can be tricky and not available at times. ;-) But EYE digress....)

Life is GOoD...regardless. And a Queen is LIVING...and smiling...and thriving...regardless. Proving all the little "theories" right...or wrong...regardless. Just doing ME, maaaan....with or without the help or support...regardless. Your BIGGEST support comes from within, anyway; not without. Just remember to NEVER share those precious pearls with swine...especially at times like these when you're gonna NEED them for YOURSELF.

And the moral of the story is: Don't tell the devil ALL your business. He/She has ears and eyes too....and looooove drama as well as feeding off of YOUR misery! You think they are "for you" when really they are just being close enough to be nosy and figure out how they can take you out of your own game. As if, silly rabbit! LOL But no time for hunting "silly rabbits" these days. Karma will do that on its own. Hunting dollars, manifesting health and wealth, creating miracles and (k)NEW shit...and getting a kick out of watching all those devils and "frenemies" who EYE don't allow close enough to feed off my precious energy wonder, "What's going on with her?!" And "How did she DO that?!"

It's a WALK; not just a talk.  Not here for your attention.  Just sharing the testimony...and keeping a record for myself.

#keepwatchingandwondering   ;-)



12/26/2015 12:00pm

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