If you ask me how EYE am doing
And EYE respond truthfully and say, "not well"
And you can't or won't do anything about it
Then why did you ask?

Empty cordiality?
Or fishing?

Nosiness is so unproductive...and telling.

Tiz why EYE limit my time, conversation and energy.
Tiz NEVER a selfish thing to feed YOU first.
It's the ONLY thing that makes sense
When it comes to saving YOUR life.

A true teacher will tell you that
A slavemaster or slave who wishes you to suffer more than him or her...

Never give others more than you have to offer.
Never give time and energy away that YOU preciously need.
Never be distracted from your destiny by another's pipe dream.
A true spirit would not ask more of you.
But an untrue one...will.

KNOW that...for a fact...forever.

P.S. People need solutions; not sermons. Teach them how to find fish, create fish and FISH. Not just wait on it and pay for the "waiting. The difference between a "savior" and a "sadducee."

Feel free to prove ANY of this wrong...and then SHOW it. 

GOD is in the walk; not just the talk.




11/11/2016 10:33am

Messengers of God conveys his messages to us and it is important for us to follow his instructions. The books that we recite in our daily life, it is necessary for us to follow them in our practical life. Those are not only to read for.

01/29/2017 8:28am

I have been waiting for the imvu credits from some days.


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