It's that stage...
That point in your life
Where EVERYTHING that doesn't matter
Is on hold
EVERYTHING that doesn't resonate with a priority to YOUR soul
Is on hold
EVERYTHING that is opposed or a distraction from YOUR growth
Is on hold
EVERYTHING that stands in the way of your learning and seeking truth
Is on hold
EVERYTHING and EVERYONE who continues to hold on to the lie
And continues to die
And you realize they will NEVER see with all 3 of their eyes
And you need to question why
Is on hold
EVERYTHING that is not a part of YOUR rise
Is on hold
EVERYTHING that doesn't feed and fill YOU up
Is on hold
EVERYTHING that is mere "surface" and not something that is
Deeper and connecting and powerfully ethereal and natural
Like spirits across the eons of time and beings across galaxies
And the Sun and the Earth and the Air that nourish you daily
Is on hold
There's something happening here
And what it is
IS perfectly clear
There's a change in mind, body and soul
Telling me it's time to grab hold
To MY....rebirth

But you'd have to KNOW
It's not something you can fake
You either KNOW
Or you don't
And either way...
It will show
It ALWAYS shows

There comes a time
When it's "that" time
And those who KNOW
ONLY those who KNOW
KNOW what EYE am talking about

No books...no bibles...no pastors nor politicians
Are aware of this
No followers of other people's "fairytales"
Are aware of this
No one who is still "waiting" on something to happen
Is aware of this
For it's already happening
To those who KNOW
It's deeper
Inherently spiritual
Unworldly and ancient

And only those who KNOW

And do MORE than "preach" it
Or teach it...

They LIVE it

And gravitate to others who do the same

What EYE had forgotten.
What EYE instinctively already knew
And absorbing the precious wisdom from MY teachers

Like it was the last drops of water
In a desert...
Because perhaps...
It is.

But no drought for ME.
EYE don't have time for that
Or someone pulling me away
From MY water.... 

And that is why 
With NO personal car
And no weekly check from "Mr. Bobo"
And no city-wide support or massive team behind my work
And more years behind me than ahead of me
(Or...maybe not...)

EYE can honestly say...

And give thanks.


Evolution is a BE-YOU-TO-FULL thang!

To be continued.....and no one's approval needed...
Except mine.

Yeah...EYE'm GOoD.  (double entendre intended)

How's THAT for a testimony?
Not like they taught you, huh?

And perhaps...that's the point.  ;-)




We can said that the post is full of motivation as when i read this i realized that it contains many things that if we would follow in our practical life it would be helpful for us all. It will also taught a lesson to everyone who would read this post.


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