Pet Peeve #1:  People don't want to pay your worth...but will pay a "fuck up" to fuck up...and then expect YOU to "clean it up" for damn near free.  NOT happening.

Pet Peeve #2:  People who think they can do the same thing YOU do.  (EYE've been in the business for OVER 30 years!  How long have YOU been doing this...PROFESSIONALLY?!)  THEN they want YOU to help THEM do what YOU do.  But EYE thought YOU "did" what EYE do?  Note to YOU:  Just because EYE make it look "easy" doesn't mean it IS.  PLEASE STOP comparing "amateurs" with professionals.  That's why you don't see "play doctors" in REAL operating rooms!  #getreal

Pet Peeve #3:  People who try to "convince" you that they are giving YOU exposure when they know damn well (or SHOULD if they had HALF a brain) that YOU are the one giving THEM "exposure."  That Jedi mind trick only works on fools...and that EYE am NOT.  Keep moving!

Pet Peeve #4:  When people always hollaring about "support" but they NEVER EVER support YOU or even use your professional services to help build.  That's DOUBLING INSULTING when it's people you have supported before....and got absolutely NOTHING from the connection.  And did EYE mention that "jealousy thing" you got going in is REALLY unattractive?!!  Now WHY should EYE help YOU again when you constantly prove you can't grow and WON'T learn?!  #point  Excuse me or not while EYE'll bypass on being an entourage to nothing.  Got REAL stuff to do and bills that need to be paid!  Don't bother...EYE'll show MYSELF to the door on THIS one!

Pet Peeve #5:  People who get offended at YOU when you call them out on their bullshit and business ethics (or lack there of) and lack of skills...when, in reality, you should be offended by yourself and realize the reason why YOU are not progressing and prospering is because BULLSHIT IS COSTLY!!  And excuse (or not) if EYE refuse to take on a cost that's not producing ANYTHING POSITIVE FOR ME!!  IJS....If you're REALLY about "business" and "ballin'," then you'd KNOW that already. It's sad when your biggest hater is not me; it's YOU!!  And you're too arrogant to see.  Sometimes REAL support and truth burns.  But that's why they call it "test by fire."  #constructivecriticism 

Tiz why you see the REAL smiles these days.  When you acknowledge what pisses you off in life...and you do your best to limit those "issues," the lessons become blessings...and the blessings lead to BETTER business...and a better overall life.  Proved...Proven...and Proving.

And the moral of the story is:  That is why people going somewhere walk and drive FORWARD and not backward.  IJS....

As EYE was reminded by a wonderful mentor today, "The more you know, the less you'll need."  And drama and BS and folks who are NOT about business and growth, EYE don't need at ALL!  Lesson LEARNED and graduating to something MORE.




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