Just keeping it REAL...
They LOVED Gil in the end 
But not in the middle...
Nor the beginning
They loved Gil's style and his smile
But they didn't love Gil's words
Because his words were too real.

See, people would rather drink or pop a pill 
Than feel and see and acknowledge what's really going on.

But Gil....
He had to numb his pain to keep from going insane 
In a world that seemed to only operate on a limited brain
And no heart.

They loved Gil in the end
But not in the middle...
Nor the beginning
They were so busy pointing at his "sinning" 
They didn't see he was winning the race for humanity
Dropping the wisdom with such vanity
You'd have to be blind and crazy not to see

And while imitators and fakers use his words like a fad
They will NEVER have the courage nor the knowledge
Gil had

Doesn't come from a poem
It comes from a purpose
And the courage to live it...

And the BEST
Always struggle
Til they see the light
And get it right
And realize the truth
Apparently causes more fear and fright
Than freedom
In slaves

The reason why many misbehave

And that was his message
That saved
That was Gil's lesson was for me
And I got it.

Thank you, Teacher

(Dedicated to all pioneering artists & activists who dare to keep it real...regardless)



08/08/2016 9:06am

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09/10/2016 9:46pm

May I ask, who is Gil? I am very curious. He sounds like a great and honorable man. Based from what I have read, he faced everything with courage and faith even when his world was going down. I admire people who are like that. We should never give up that easily even though things are rough and tough.

02/02/2017 3:10am

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