Let's keep it REAL.  Too many of Y'ALL on some "Murk Murder Murk Turn Up SLAVEMURK that was NEVER the ORIGINAL Murk Shit."  Too many of Y'ALL on that "stereotype dope" and keep choking from the smoke.  YET, you want the REAL players to toke those "stems and sticks" you throw at the ONE while you stay in the haze for days and NEVER change YOUR ways.  And then have the NERVE to HATE when someone finally says, "THE EMPEROR HAS NO CLOTHES AND THIS IS BULLSHIT, GERALDO!" 

EYE get it...it's easier to "talk"....than to "walk."  And it's makes for GREAT "stunting."  "WE BALLIN'!"  REALLY?!  IN WHOSE WORLD?!  Ahhh....there be the mirror some never wanna look at.

And, as for those REAL GRINDERS who show the WALK and just not the talk?!  Well...let's just say that people on a whole are funny (and yet not).  And apparently proven, it's easier to throw shit at the REAL walkers than learn how to actually WALK YOURSELF and create and GROW your own shit and be about BUSINESS instead of being "WorldStarrHipHop" Stars or Kim K/Kanye wannabes!  Yeah...good luck with that...says the ONE who realizes that some will NEVER understand the "beast" that drives that...and some folk ARE what they ARE regardless...and ALL what they will EVER BE...by their own mindset, pattern and actions (or non-actions). 

But the bigger and MOST IMPORTANT lesson for ME was...what does ANY of that shit have to do with ME?!  THINK!!!  Reassess...and correct.  What "smart ONES" do.

Too many of Y'ALL think that BS you doing now is making a difference and making "moves."  TOO MANY OF Y'ALL....well, whatever.... EYE'm getting into past "mistakes" on MY part and now realize YOUR lesson to learn and pay for is YOUR lesson to LEARN (or not) and pay for. 

HERE is what EYE have learn:  It's true!!  Many can't HANDLE the truth.  They don't really want to hear...or correct.  They just wanna "follow" somebody who's doing the same ratched thing THEY are doing...and they "justify" a "mental suicide" by numbers and not the quality of thought or action.  They just want company on THEIR misery. they're STUCK.  And they fully expect you to be stuck WITH them..or else YOU are not "down."  (There is such a play on the word EYE won't even bother to explain.)


"TEAMS" are funny.  Just like the phrase, "Let's build." It would appear the definition has changed too these days.  People today say, "Let's build."  But what that really means is "Can YOU build MY shit FIRST while I sit and watch?!  And once YOU do, I got you.  Promise."  Correct me if EYE'm wrong.....isn't that how "slavery" kinda started?!  Feels the same to me.  Hmmmm......

NOTE:  SLAVEMASTERS these days come in a variety of colors.  And "slaves" who can't master themselves are ALWAYS trying to master someone else better.  WHERE DEY DO DAT AT?!!

Anywho......EYE am BACK/FORWARD to "TEAMVAL" -- the team that SHOULD have been a priority from the BEGINNING.  After all, WHO had the ball the FIRST place?!  Been on all others' teams...and went from the top...to...here. Can't be mad...when EYE look at MYSELF in the equation.  Sometimes you don't need to pass the ball.  Sometimes...the ball was put in YOUR hands for a reason.  Sometimes...EVERYbody is not for YOUR team; they're only there to make YOUR team play "their game."  PAUSE!!  REASSESS...and correct.

Lessons.  And blessings when you actually LEARN your lessons.  Tiz why EYE share.  Many think EYE write too much; talk too much (code for "don't do ENOUGH for THEM or make THEM look like THEY are the only "relevant" ones).  LET'S KEEP IT REALLY REAL:  EYE don't have the "finances" to "spare" thanks to giving my time and energy and efforts to all these "teams."  So now...EYE decided to go back to TEAMONE...and focus on the ONE who ALWAYS gets the job done.  And NOW, EYE am getting it done for MYSELF...because, if not, who was gonna do it for ME?!

Ahhhhhh.....can we see some hands, followed by some REAL actions and monies in the bank?  And the smoke clears and the REAL reality sets in as the REAL players (or non-players) are seen.

Ya know that moment...when it ALL becomes hilarious...and you realize the joke was on YOU...but YOU are NOT the joke?!  (Ride with me on this long enough...and you'll know the epic depths of what EYE just said)

NOW....allow me to RE-INTRODUCE MYSELF!  That one that WAS in the trenches! That one that PLAYED "REAL HIP HOP."  That one that ALWAYS said "WAKE UP" while EYE was "edutaining" you.  That ONE that was ALWAYS at the TOP of MY class WITHOUT cheating or "cribsheets."  That ONE that Mensa wanted but Daddy said NO...because HE was that ONE who knew a "trick" when you see it.  That ONE...that MILITARY BRAT...that GEORGIA-BORN...that Deep Creek Road AND Murk Girl...that remembering when we had REAL clubs and REAL concerts and REAL parties and was about REAL shit...that "We don't give a fuck and will take NO mess or no stupid bullishit 'cuz EYE am that bitch" one....that "WHO DA FUCK SAID EYE HAD TO KISS YOUR RING WHEN EYE DON'T EVEN SEE A RING??!" one...that "before EYE kiss YOUR ass, EYE'll just do it MYSELF because EYE don't kiss asses....especially the ones who trying to ride MINE" one.

EYE'm that ONE who DOES NOT give you a 2nd chance to make the same mistake THREE times.  Oh yes...EYE pay FAR more attention to your patterns of actions (and NONaction) than your words.  ALL wise ones DO.

EYE am that ONE who will now smile at you...but will KNOW exactly what you're trying to do.  Note:  Everybody who smiles ain't stupid...NOR desperate.

Distractions are for babies.  And though EYE am ALWAYS learning, minor distractions phase me NOT from MY major goals and rise.  (This walk ain't about YOU, nukka!!  It's about ME...and MY movement...and MY life...and MY fun this time!)

Yeah...EYE'm THAT one.  Allow me to RE-INTRODUCE myself.  (In my Jay-Z voice)

Now that we're clear, let's begin again......  

And what you get...or DON'T get...depends on YOUR next move.  Fair enough?  ;-)

See...folks "TALK" about "keeping it REAL."  But when you DO, that's a whole other ballgame, isn't it?!  (double entendre intended)





04/10/2015 2:04am

Thanks for this introduction! It's interesting indeed

06/06/2017 3:29am

Often times, we keep on telling other people about what to do and not to do. We even give pieces of advice to somebody else and we can't even apply those things to ourselves. As the saying goes, we must "walk the talk." How can other people believe us if we cannot apply what we say? And I agree with you that sometimes blessings are found in lessons learned. There are some bitter moments in our lives that are actually blessings in disguise.


This book was a good thing to read and there were many things in this book that makes you think about it for e moment. I often like to read this book whenever I am in the mood of having some quality time.

01/31/2017 3:01am

Being natural to yourself and to people around you is the most amazing feeling in the world. No hiding, no pretending. It's one of the major issues of the generations today. They always change themselves just to fit to the society. Youths must know how to appreciate their own. I guess it's the right thing to do.


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