Some people.....NEVER were about "dat life."

Some people.....LIE about "dat life."

Some people.....can NEVER separate themselves from "dat life."

Some people.....don't nor won't understand why those who came UP from "dat life" try to continue to move UP and not down back into "dat life."  (Once you're FREE, what fool EVER goes BACK into a trap?!!  Especially when you CAN do better?!)

Some people.....can't do better.  Period.  And don't want others to do better and find it easier to tear people who are striving down than to build themselves UP.  Laziness and crab-in-a-barrel mentality take on a LOT of forms...no matter the "image" and the rhetoric.

Some people.....don't get that our elders and ancestors who really WERE about "dat life" when it really WAS "dat life" are/were like Superfly...working toward getting OUT of "dat life" and flipping to a positive and schooling others NOT to go down that road and be about "dat life"....because WHO DA FUCK IN THEIR RIGHT MINDS wanna STAY in a "ghetto-mentality" type situation where YOU NEVER WIN (and that is NOT color-specific...unless you can't see past your OWN hood.  Perhaps reading and studying and traveling MORE outside yourself and your own zip cope {YES EYE SAID "ZIP COPE"...think about it} might bring a little clarity).

And SOME PEOPLE....no matter how much wisdom you drop on them...are like freshly poured cement on a Summer day....A HOT MESS just waiting to dry up in  the Sun and under the heat while the water/wisdom you poured on 'em is just wasted and what's left is just something the rest of the world will walk on without a second thought.

If that was too much for SOME of ya this morning, YOU are probably "some" of those people EYE'm talking about.  Law of attraction states....riches doesn't come to the poor.  The poor has to come to embrace their own "richness"...and THEN someone who is truly worthy will see.  Otherwise, a user is just a user...a slave is just a slave...a nightmare NEVER becomes a dream...and hating others who grow and refine THEIR grapes will NEVER make YOU become a better connoisseur.

RIPPLE...OR FINE WINE?!  What you "drink" is what you ARE and become.  And the two energies and classes DON'T MIX!  Before you enter the next class, make sure you passed the last one.  

Graduation and Elevation is a must.  And REAL teachers don't have time to be stuck with "students" who don't learn when "MOVEMENTS" require the actual action of MOVING...FORWARD.

That's why bathroom stalls are personal.  Nobody needs to partake of everybody else's shit...especially when it ain't YO shit!! (Double Entendre Intended)

A little CLEAN coffee to wake up to.....




04/10/2015 2:01am

In my opinion this is a very much familiar situation for many people

10/26/2015 3:55am

I think that Education, Elevation as well as knowledge these all are the most important part of our life. We just need to take a bold decision to get it.


I think that the real Teachers have been the focus of school improvement with assessment methods. Real tutors set themselves, not possible ambitions, as well as then mix up to realize them.

04/07/2016 4:58am

I like your thoughts. They are so deep.

01/21/2017 7:38am

This is indeed an inspiring post. Everyone is different. I hope you don't easily judge them because of their actions. Maybe there are reasons why they are doing so. I hope we'll all be more understanding in situations like these. Anyway, thanks for sharing this. Keep blogging!


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