No offense to some people's "movements," but EYE have noticed there is very little "moving" in many of these "movements." Just a lot of stunting for position, vying for camera time, jumping on bandwagons and monies that go "missing." The TRUE activists are pushed to the side once the cameras come or the "corporate massa" hands out a "reparation STFU" check to those who deem themselves in charge.

AND the same old ways of doing things are long since ineffective. New ideas are not heard, nor welcomed...and at the end of the day, nothing is accomplished....which IS the "goal" of "those" in the first place....especially if THEY are not the FIRST name in the paper.

IJS....EYE do MORE and have PROVEN to be MORE effective as a whole doing MY activism MYSELF thru my art and my show. EYE don't do causes...just to end up a cause MYSELF that no one in the "original cause" or "movement" wants to support in REAL life (Facebook fronting does NOT count). And EYE don't do "marches." Singing "Kumbaya" and "We Shall Overcome" is just NOT for ME....especially when we should be about the business OF OVERCOMING; not just "singing" about it. And EYE have long since learned that being out front for those who hide behind others and won't really fight for their OWN freedom...and WILL throw you under the bus the second a strong adversarial wind blows is NOT a good place to be. GOD NEVER SAID TO BE STUPID!! ‪#‎manylistentotheWRONGgod‬

For those who say EYE can't do it by myself? Hmmm...EYE will say that EYE can do MORE than someone wanting ME to do it ALL for them and EYE see NOTHING from it. Where is the "win" for ANYONE with THAT behavior and mindset?! Whether you chose to admit it or not, THAT'S STILL SOME "SLAVE SHIT," GERALDO!!

IJS....when it comes to "movements?" EYE'll pass. Working on my own...and doing my best to keep it MOVING and keeping a roof over MY head to boot. At least EYE can SEE the actual "movement" in that! And a little REAL action is better than a LOT of fronting and a WHOLE LOT of nothing!




08/28/2016 9:36pm

As usual, I am impressed by your take on the phenomenon of movement! I am always left speechless seeing how well you put the truth out in those ironic expressions of yours. Keep up the good work, girl!

02/19/2017 12:34pm

I will definitely check out the thoughts of Val Jones here. Some people at my work have also been saying to me to check these thoughts out so I will finally be doing this!

05/26/2017 7:08am

I have found such a relevant webpage here, Thank you so much.


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