It's Spring!  Are you IN season...OUT of season...or priming yourself to NEVER HAVE a season?  

There are Universal "normals" that occur, whether mankind follows them or not.  One is planting in the proper season.  Tiz the time when flowers start to bloom, bees start to pollinate and farmers begin to til their fields and plant for a wonderful crop in the Summer and a precious harvest in the Fall to get them thru those lean Winter months.

Now...repeating the most important question of the day:  "ARE YOU PLANTING PRECIOUS SEEDS IN YOUR GARDEN...OR SOMEONE ELSE'S?!"

Planting in another's garden is ALWAYS risky...and you are NEVER assured of reaping anything.  Many are more than happy to reap what YOU sow and never give as much as an apple back.  KNOW that, at this point, THIS becomes a lesson for YOU...and why it is IMPORTANT as well as ESSENTIAL that YOU plant your precious seeds in your OWN garden so you can eat and live in a humane way.  

If you have an abundance and can AFFORD to plant in another's garden, do what you do.  It's YOUR seeds to do with as you will.  But, if YOUR field is in need and you only have so many seeds, NEVER...let me repeat, NEVER plant your seeds where it's not a guarantee you'll receive anything.  And the ONLY way to assure THAT is to TEND TO YOUR OWN GARDEN FIRST!  That's why farmers work THEIR fields...not everyone else's.

This is really not rocket science.  THIS is a fact of living and planting and building.  But CLEARLY this common sense got lost along the way with the "self-entitlement" of "talkers" and "clueless newbies" who do more stunting than working their own fields.  EYE tested the theory and had to find out the truth and proof in the pudding the hard way...by experience.

Now, EYE am sharing the wisdom with you.  Maybe it might save a drama or two in someone's life.  A psychiatrist or psychoanalyst would charge you $$$$$ for that wisdom.

Let's see how some of YOU pay it forward the free wine and coffee shared today.

Pass the sip!



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