No two windows have the same exact view. Just like no two windows of opportunity are the same. Don't miss YOUR window of opportunity trying to drag someone whose time is not now. Your window of opportunity is YOUR window of opportunity. And your view is YOUR view. Enjoy it. That shine is for YOU.


People's denial of their lack of reciprocity and/or lack of respect regarding me has ceased to be a problem....for ME. This past "season" grew me UP out of the mud and muck and forced me to see everything EYE needed to see. Needed to see who was for ME....and who just wanted me for THEM. Who was in it for the long haul? And who was just a short "whim?" Crazy and selfish can't or WON'T always recognize crazy and selfish within. But REAL friends never pretend. Their "consistency" is what makes them REAL friends.

Everything else...strictly busine$$. And trust, it really IS "all GOoD"...as all lessons ARE. ;-)  

Again...YOUR window of opportunity is what you should be looking at. Never miss YOURS focused on someone else's. Staying focusing on MINE. MY path. MY grind. MORE smiles...MORE shine. The more you know.....

Proved, Proven, Proving.

"The Reality Storyteller"



05/24/2015 11:36pm

Yup! That’s true! That’s why they’re saying “the opportunity knock once.” However, things go not good to you, you just see the better and bigger picture to get the best of luck for your new day. It means, everyday is a new day, you hope and new opportunity. Grabbed it when you think it appears on your face.

10/07/2016 4:01am

"Your view is your view" maybe the best thing I have heard today. Sure, no windows have the same view and even if we are both looking at the same window, we see it differently. So what maybe an opportunity for you may not be realized by others. I think we should not wait for other people to see it before we do. Or else, they might grab it for themselves. This advice is very timely to my personal experiences as of the moment.

12/16/2016 7:45am

I'm totally agree with your thoughts. Opportunity is an appropriate or favorable time or occasion that comes in the life of almost everyone only if one takes it positively. Opportunity comes only once in a lifetime. If you want to lead your life successfully and happily, be alert and prepared to hear the call of the opportunity that may come at any moment. So grab it and work for it.

06/06/2015 3:42am

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04/01/2017 3:51am

Yeah, you are correct here as it seems. Not everyone gets the chance, the opportunity to do something about their fate. They're more likely to be ill-fated if they don't take the risk at those times.

04/27/2017 12:30pm

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