Sooo...had to put on my glasses so some of you could SEE what EYE'm saying.  On the term "support."  It's clearly means something different and less "substantial" and meaningful today.  It used to mean...SUPPORT...as in to help build, help lift, help grow together.

These days it seems to merely mean:  "Help me make MY shit hot...MY product hot...MY spot hot...MY act hot.  Fill MY pocket up...and invest in ME more that I will ever invest in myself.  And since I don't really do what I need to do to invest in MYSELF and expect YOU to cover all that, you should know from jump that I will NEVER invest in YOU...because I don't even invest in ME like that.  But we still FAM, right?!  And fam suppose to always carry fam....even when the fam won't carry you back."

OKAY, LIKE WUT?!  As in WHAT UNGODLY TRICK of the mind is THIS?!  THAT is NOT "real" business and NOT how you build professional business relations with others!

Trust me.  EYE have proven the theory AND the definition as it flows out some people's mouths but it NEVER shows in their actions.  So, THAT "re-defined" definition was for all who may not understand the NEW meaning of "support" today. And from that, you can clearly see the difference between those who were raised on REAL milk and those who were raised on similac.  No taste or integrity for standards.

And the moral of the story is:  First and foremost, SUPPORT YOURSELF...and NEVER get distracted from THAT!  The first foundation you should EVER and ALWAYS build is your own!  And that's something you'll ALWAYS be able to take to the bank....unlike those BS checks of insufficient funds from all those crumbs operating on the "new" meaning of support.  For those who didn't know, lip service pays NO bills!  REAL talk!

THAT is why EYE only deal with those who KNOW and show they know the original meaning....cuz EYE never developed a taste for similac.  Not served in MY V.I.P.  (double entendre intended)

Pass the wisdom on...because SOMEONE right now is needing to READ this.  ;-)

"The Reality Storyteller"



09/04/2016 11:44pm

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09/17/2016 1:00am

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09/17/2016 1:01am

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