The irony...and joy... of the lesson AND blessing is to see people profiting from doors and paths EYE first opened and already crossed. Been there; done that; came back....and that's where ANOTHER journey took place...with a few "speed bumps" along the way. Folks who jump on your back and spring forward without a thank you. Folks who jump on your back...and use you as a spring to jump in front of you, feigning YOUR gift and pushing YOUR ideas to someone as if it was theirs to start with. Folks who jump on your back with agendas...agendas that ONLY help their always "self-serving/insecure" sub-behaviors. Folks who don't really know what the word "support" means. If you NEVER done it, it's like explaining the color fuchsia to a blind man. Gotta KNOW to show...and vice versa.

But TRUE pioneers ultimately find out TWO things: the importance of not squandering fertile seeds...and the barren fields which not to plant. EYE had to travel those "barren fields" a couple of trips around...because sometimes "soft hearts" can't believe what's really going down. EVERYBODY says they "want" it. But EVERYBODY doesn't deserve it...nor can't DO it. And if YOU can, don't shear off a piece of YOUR wood on YOUR floating ship to help someone who's sinking. There might be a reason WHY they are sinking that has EVERYTHING to do with THEM...and NOTHING to do with YOU. Keep sailing ON, Noah! It's not like you didn't tell 'em to get their "water wings" ready. Seed planted; job done!

The moral of this story is: "Learned lessons" will help a "fallen souljah" get OFF of the ground. And once learned, WE don't make the same mistakes twice. "You're welcome" to those who never did and never will know how to say "thank you." EYE no longer wait for reciprocity that's not of YOUR nature and just keep it moving to those who "get it"...and GET IT.

NOW...it's time (or maybe it was ALWAYS time) to walk THIS path for ME. NO distractions. NO speed bumps. NO side trips that are NO gain for ME. Lessons learned and being shades of my Mother, more so than my Daddy. Evolution time...and time for a CHANGE. Not just the talk; but the walk as well. And if it doesn't make ME smile, it and YOU just ain't my style...YOU can go to...wherever you go. Not my concern and in my rear view only. ;-)

Allow me to "introduce" myself. Hmmmm....well, just keep watching. You'll see. Imitated but NEVER duplicated....and always original. Who ELSE would EYE be?! 

"The Reality Storyteller"

P.S.  See that "space crack" to the left? That's the "Time Lords" coming thru giving me that extra energy to regenerate. Yup! Just like Doctor Who.



09/15/2016 9:34pm

You have always inspired me to do my work. I get motivated by your words of wisdom. As a student I have many research papers to work on and most of the time I feel like giving up. I am getting tired from all the work, that is why I tend to read your blog posts that reminds me of the beautiful things that happens to hardworking people. Thank you for the stories that gives me hope in my everyday life.


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