May 31, 2015. An "8" day (or night as it be) numerology-wise. "8" meaning "balance and power." And at 1:27am - a "1" number meaning "pioneer" or "original/originating," EYE get the epiphany of ALL epiphanies. Or maybe EYE'm just open to it now. Mentor said EYE'm "different. Accept it." And EYE remember folks around here thinking EYE'm "elitest" and perhaps even a "poetry snob."

And you know what?! THEY'RE RIGHT!!! ABSOLUTELY 100% RIGHT!! EYE LOVE GREATNESS! EYE'M INSPIRED BY GENIUSES! But hell! EYE had an IQ of about 140 as a kid!! Testers wanted to bump me up a grade. (Mom was WITH IT! Dad said HELL NO 'cuz he thought it was a trick and a "target" and didn't want me turning out like Condi Rice! Gotta looove my Daddy. EYEz always on the "spies.")

Bottom line: Most people's "great" is barely "mediocre" to ME. Sorry...then again, not really!! Not apologizing EVER again for liking what EYE like...and NOT liking what EYE don't like. And not trying to "fit in" because the majority may lack "vision" or originality. Why should EYE suffer from "normalcy?" EYE DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT THAT FUCKING IS?!!! "MY" PARENTS NEVER TAUGHT ME THAT SHIT!! JUST THE OPPOSITE!

Maybe that's why EYE even use "EYE" as "I"....because it's too simple to use "I"...and MY "EYE" is coming from a different place...a deeper place.  Not just a place of "being" but the oneness of truly SEEING and BEING.  Yup...there EYE go again...being deep for no reason...to you.  But to ME?  #thepoint

So, YEAH...EYE'M AN ELITEST! AN "ART SNOB." A "TOP SHELF ONLY" TYPE OF CHICK!! EYE LOOOOVE GREATNESS! REAL GREATNESS!! EYE LOOOOVE BEING AROUND GENIUSES....AND SOOOO DAMN INSPIRED BY THEM! IT'S AMAAAAAZING!!! AND THAT'S WHAT EYE WANT TO SURROUND MYSELF WITH FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE...because anything else is just reeeeeally boring as HELL to me. And WHY should EYE fake it when EYE don't have to?! EYE'M OLD! AIN'T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT! Life's too short to be faking orgasms! Can't give me the REAL thing?! EYE can handle that job myself. REAL talk! 

And the BEST thing about being around TRUE greatness?! It's NEVER intimidated by OTHER greatness. Challenged? Heck yeah! Ever seen two geniuses play chess...or hit a stage together? IT'S AMAAAZING!! EACH ONE trying to do their best. Each a master of their craft...and STILL wanting the OTHER to do THEIR best TOO because it inspires YOU to be YOUR best.

IT'S LIKE A JAM SESSION WHERE EVERYONE WINS AND EVERYONE JAMS WITH MUCH MORE ENTHUSIAM AND TALENT and far less ego. Hell....when you're REALLY great, only the non-greats are scared. That's why greatness attracts greatness...and repels what is not. Holla if ya HEAR me!!!

SO YUUUUP!!! EYE'M A SNOB! AND EYE WANNA BE WHERE THE TRULY GREAT FOLKS GOT "EARNED SWAGGER" AND SAY "BRING IT"....cuz they are, no doubt, "snobs" and "elitest" TOO. Whatever they are, THOSE are MY people!! FOUND YA! Or maybe YOU found ME. Either way, WE FOUND WE!! RIGHT ON TIME!! 

Thanks Mercury in Retrograde. Thanks Jimi Hendrix. THANKS Gil Scott Heron. The trinity in the lesson AND the blessing. Accepting myself...and being GOoD with it!!

Now....it's time to do some "showing off" without regret or apologies!! WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF IMANI! You might not really KNOW her. But you WILL! Oh EYE promise...YOU WILL! 

And the military brat just said, "KABOOOOOM!!!!!"





09/06/2016 11:54pm

The way greatness was defined here, is more of being boastful. I have to disagree with this post. For me, greatness is when a person has confidently felt that he/she achieved success. Greatness is achieved through hard work and humility. Once you're great, you need to share your greatness to other people. You must inspire especially the youths. Greatness is when a lot of people admire you with your humility.

02/27/2017 10:25pm

I really think that being proud of what you are is something that will make you really happy. What you are doing should probably the thing that will make you proud of yourself. I am really happy that you are enjoying the things that you put your efforts into. Thank you so much for inspiring me to be myself all the time.


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