Ya know.....EYE'll just say...EYE'm soooo much like my "rustic" bloodline. They defied the odds and really didn't do hospitals either. They handled their biz on their own...shared too much and saw too much wrong. Lived long enough to become wiser and strong...and not only survive; but STRIVE...regardless of and even because of.

EYE don't always know HOW.  EYE just DO....'cuz EYE don't have time nor can afford hospitals OR a hospital stay. It's easy for folks to do when it's not them and they're leaning on "something" or someone else.  But when you're leaning on YOU, well......words and actions are TWO different things.  And bills don't take vacations and pauses for your "circumstances."

IJS....Keeping watching....EYE'll show you a REAL story and testimony.

It might not be for EVERYBODY...and EYE don't TRY to be for EVERYbody...'cuz EVERY body ain't for ME. Real talk. The more you know...the more you'll grow!  Or just not give a damn.  LOL

Shine til ya drop is MY motto....cuz when it's over, it's OVA...on THIS "level" anyway. So refilling my cup, refueling my energy, recharging my creativity, recreating my health and weath and RESTOCKING MY BANK...on ALL accounts!! 

Sorry...NO bad checks allowed. NO bad investments or "catfishing" deals.  But we WILL take cash! Put it in the cup! And if ya feel like sharing energy and prayers, then throw those bad boys UP! It ain't easy being breezy....ESPECIALLY when you're a solo entrepreneur. But then again, EYE guess EYE really WAS born for the role.  EYES OPEN....all THREE of them.  #livingfaith




08/25/2016 11:21pm

You really have a good way of sharing stories and inspiring others with your words. I really appreciate the fact that you say harsh facts rather than sugarcoated lies. It motivates me knowing that not everything can be achieved easily and sometimes we have experienced different kinds of struggles on the way. It is also best to keep your faith intact and never lose it even though how dire the situation is. Thank you for sharing your motivating post and hope you continue to update more.


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