Waking up this morning and reflecting on the storms which have cleared away a LOT of the dry stale dust and dirt to reveal a newer fresher earth.  And NO...EYE am not just talking "physically" but rather emotionally and spiritually as well.  More storms to come.  More cleansing to do.  More "reveals" to surface.  And as EYE sip my coffee, EYE think on this:

Support.  The word has become nearly "foreign" in this day and age.  It's changed.  "Devolved" rather than EVOLVE.  Just like hip hop...and poetry, the word has "cheapened" to a "support" a new mindset.  And PLEASE correct me if EYE'm wrong.  But give examples!  Because, just like faith without works is dead, words without PROOF are empty.

"SUPPORT" has come to mean:  "Help me to make MY life better because I'm too lazy...too privileged...too pretty...too cunning...too non-talented enough to support myself.  And why should I when I have all of YOU to support me to do whatever I need to do.  Oh don't think I'm gonna support back...because this is all about ME...and it is YOUR obligation to support ME because that's what you are supposed to DO....love and support regardless!  It's the Christian way!"  

HOLD UP!  WAIT A MINUTE!!!  First off, a LOT of this is coming from a generation that did absolutely NOTHING but plop out their mother's vagina.  You don't LEARN.  You don't LISTEN.  YOU DON'T LOVE!  YOU just WANT love...because....well, THERE be the question and answer of this decade, huh?!

And the fact that EVERYBODY and their mama's janitor can have a "GOFUNDME" campaign, whether it's legit or not, just makes it all the harder for those who really NEED support.  And question...  If YOU never supported ME in MY "GOFUNDME" efforts, tell me again why YOUR "dilemma" should be as important to me as my own?!  Excuse me...EYE'm still climbing out from under all this manure that EYE allowed others to dump on me.  (See?  EYE took responsibility.  What about YOU?!)

Digressing to progress:  EYE used to support many.  MANY.  Until EYE found that support was not to be "reciprocal."  People didn't want my "input" or "wisdom" or "honesty" or "ideas on how to become better."  They just wanted my MONEY and TIME and CONNECTS.  They wanted me to support their "movement" (or the lack thereof)...their "mission" (which seemed to ONLY serve them and no one else)...their "crazy" (yup...it's true...misery looooves company...and will pull YOU into the undertow of misery before they swim OR allow YOU to swim away).  Hmmm.....EYE used to see people as EYE saw myself:  Serious about what they do.  About what they "say" they ARE.  However, EYE realize now they were far more serious about something else.  TWO things actually.  The con.  And the denial.

FLASH FORWARD:  You may now see that EYE support very few "movements," with the exception of my own.  OF COURSE EYE SUPPORT MY OWN MOVEMENT!  WHO ELSE WILL?!!!  Back to the point:  EYE found that at the most critical time that EYE needed support, NO support was given!  Well, let me be honest....there WERE a few.  A wonderful and loving "choice FEW."  And EYE thank you soooo much and appreciate you more than EYE can ever say.

But for those who wonder WHY a Queen chooses NOT to support "them"...promote "them"...make THEIR shit hot (when in reality, it's NOT...but that's YOUR lesson to learn)...to invite "them" into MY world and MY circle just so you can taint MY wine and turn it into some bad "kool-aid" and leave ME with an empty cup and no food on the table?!  Naaah dawg...that ain't gonna happen!  #neveragain

Just know (because others do). EYE came.  EYE saw.  And EYE received exactly what EYE needed to see from my experiences with some folk.  The truth of THEM.  And, though truth can be hurtful, it can also be the most freeing thing in the world.  Never EVER allow someone who's irrelevant to YOUR happiness and YOUR destiny and YOUR evolution to come between YOU and YOUR prize.  GOD didn't give you YOUR gift to squander away on "random squirrels looking for a nut."  And Big Bro already warned you about casting your pearls to swine.

So now, Baby Sis...the Griot Oracle is reminding you once more:  SUPPORT YOURSELF....because NO ONE will do that as much as YOU can or will.  And you canNOT support yourself by putting a lot of unnecessary weight on your back.  THAT will only tear you down and leave you in lack.

Ask someone who knows.  And THAT is why EYE show you MY story.  The majority of folks?  Just "talkers" who talk that "lie."  But the REAL walkers "walk" a life...and live to tell the story, showing you "how" and "why."

So the next time when someone asks, "Why don't we see Val anymore?"  Remind them of a time when you USED to see Val all the time!  And ask "them," "What happened?!"  And wait...for the stutter...and the "backtracking."

THEN, go back look at all those actual pictures and videos and remember a time that "was"...a lesson for some and a blessing for others...and one step closer to the truth.

Ahhh...but as the movie saying  goes:  "YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH."  Or can you?  ;-)




03/20/2016 12:06pm

"Just like faith without works is dead, words without PROOF are empty." We need to act. The willingness, the determination, the effort, the perseverance, these are all up to us and we need to take and have the first step to lead us to success. Moving forward is the best that we can do than let ourselves get stuck and frozen.

05/08/2017 10:51pm

The best part of waking up is knowing that the Lord has given you another day to live victoriously. The very first blessing you receive each day starts when you open your eyes and see the beauty of the world. Every morning is an opportunity to change for the better. And let me tell you, start your day not with a phone, scrolling down your Facebook account, but with a sincere prayer to the Lord. I assure your entire day will definitely be full of blessings if you start it right.


For me, the best part of waking up is when I thank God for giving me another day to live. Waking up is always a precious moment because it serves as a window to enjoy the adventures of life. It is also a way to continue the purpose and mission that you have in life. Every time we wake up, God is allowing us to see His goodness and faithfulness. In return, we should do the things that God wants us to do. We should be able to be a good steward of this blessing called "life".


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