Been there; done that; CAN'T do it; WON'T do it! DRAIN. Sometimes you're a better friend to others than they are to YOU. Lessons learned. Sometimes you have to get rid of the "shadows" blocking YOUR shine so YOU can do what YOU are supposed to do. Blessings earned.

Sometimes...MANY times...people see your climb and assume they can "latch a ride" because it's all GOOD with you now. True...and NOT. EYE am STILL climbing up out of the "oblivion of hell" that EYE "allowed" (See the taking of "responsibility" there?!) to put me in. Never again.

IJS....learn to be your OWN best friend...because folks who "pretend" or just wanna "apprehend" YOUR good fortune to make it theirs are NEVER around you at the end when you need them most. They just get YOUR pearls, don't even say thanks and go "ghost." Cool. Needed that lesson of "letting go"...'cuz EYE'm a little "hardheaded," ya know. And sometime...ALL TIMES...you gotta see things as they ARE; NOT how you "want" them to BE.

The brash reality AND beauty of seeing who BELONGS on your journey...and who doesn't. And more so, seeing and BEING YOU! ALL OF YOU!! Some can't handle it. But some can. Know YOUR vibrations. Gravitate towards YOUR vibration. THAT is where YOUR elevation will come.

Things change. People change. Goals change. LIFE WILL CHANGE. It's called "EVOLUTION." NOTHING stays the same. That's why Mother Nature is "correcting" all that mankind fucked up! Mankind "thought" he was in control. MOM is SHOWING something quite different! And MANY...are not handling the "shift" well.

BUT IT'S WORKING FOR ME!! YAY!!! And just because some can't change or adapt to the inevitable "karma" that's taking place doesn't mean that their not moving forward or understanding what REAL love and reciprocity and "building" and LIFE is about should stop YOU. When you stop "dragging" the folks who DON'T belong on your journey, you'll find the ones who DO...who will actually build with YOU...YOUR empire....not just expect YOU to build "theirs." ‪#‎LawOfAttraction‬

Been there; done that; doing something else...that's WORKING for ME now. After all, if you're helping everyone else with THEIR drama and "movement," WHO is gonna help you with YOURS?!

Better watch and learn. Or not. Free will...just like MY free will to say: NOT TODAY. But ya know what...either way...you'll LEARN. ;-)

What a smile and peace looks like when you mind YOUR business...FIRST.

Now sip on THAT coffee!!! Trust me...it'll definitely wake you UP!




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