GOOD DAY CEOs (Conscious Evolution Originals).  Let's talk "focused marketing."  

Always a winning strategy, focused marketing targets your best assets and your best audience for those assets.  Note:  Everyone is not privy nor productive for your assets.  Only fools who plan to lose want EVERYBODY.

But that's a journey some NEVER learn OR must learn...the hard way.  Learned mine.  Evolved now.  And knowing, EVERY body is not for YOU nor your journey.  Know when to hold 'em; know when to fold 'em; know when to walk away.

All this is to say, FOCUS ON YOUR PRODUCT AND PRODUCTIVITY.  When it's a win/win, it's a "WIN-WIN."  But if it's a drain, gotta go gotta GO.

Not my lane; not my market; not my audience.  #unbothered 

Nothing personal.  It's "focused marketing."  AKA the V.I.P. strategy (Vibrational Intelligence Perception). And it works EVERY time.  

Don't believe me?  Watch and learn......

That's your morning briefing from Da Oracle.  Sip on that and have a wONEderFULL day, CEOs.




09/01/2016 4:14am

Marketing is very difficult work because it require a lot of knowledge and information about any thing. A good behave or best way of conversation plays an very important role in the marketing. In this page i see some new about the marketing


I think you are right and all your talks about marketing and marketing strategies are really very useful.Although marketing is really very tough but i think if one is focused it can be done easily.I also of the view first know your product and its productivity this can make your work easy.

06/12/2017 10:48am

nice post


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