That look of "youthful maturity"...ancient and new at the same time. Day gives way to night. Still, the lights and stars shine....and darkness is no longer so dark. The ability to see...and be seen...an encouraging and fulfilling experience.

And it's become more and more obvious (the one thing I've slightly ignored all my life) that I am a "kid magnet." Maybe it's a brat thing. Maybe it's a ME thing. Maybe it's a spiritual thing. But children always see me as a "playmate" and "friend" first...and an authority figure second.

Maybe because I too see what they see: Joyful playful bliss...and the wonders of all things. Some people grow out of that vision. I never did. And children always seem to "connect the dots" with me and sense a "similar spirit." ALWAYS.

Children are a LOT smarter and more perceptive that adults give them to be. Truly they are.

Think the Universe is telling me something...REPEATEDLY SO. It happened this Saturday. AND it happened today at the park. The hugs of random children who seem to always see me as something no one else can see. And once again...and again...AND AGAIN, the confirmation where to focus a lot of my talents on this next journey. Evolution time again. No heaviness or weight on my back. No cities or "movements" to carry. No "other people's problems." This journey is ALL about me. And I'm gonna PLAY like a child. And like a child, I'm gonna sing LOUD and dance in the rain and play in the Sunshine AND enjoy MY "toys." And occasionally, if it makes ME smile too, I'm gonna share my joy AND my stories with my "wee ones" that seem to appreciate my company. They're needing someone to keep it 100 with 'em as well as feel their need to play at the same time. They're looking for someone to play with them AND teach them. And they always seem to look at....ME. Baker always noticed it. And yes, beloved...I heard you whisper this evening, "See?!" Yes...I do.

Looks like.....it's time for "Mama O" to join the "Rappin' Griot" and Da Oracle. Funny...never wanted children. But I always love them dearly (when they act like they've got good sense and a bit of home training). And I always want the best for them. I know....what this world would LIKE to do to them.

But THE MOST HIGH was makes sure there is a balance. ALWAYS. ;-)

P.S. The most innocent and REALEST audience on the planet: a child. Indeed. Many can't entertain the babies...because you can't "fake the funk" with them.

Hmmm....no wonder why they smile when they see me.
Yup. Up for the challenge...and the new journey. ;-)


P.S.S. Oh DON'T think I'm turning into some "fake Pollyana!" The beauty of being an "artist" and versatile is knowing when to "turn it on and off." I know how to talk to kids of ALL ages. I know how to talk to ALL genres. And I'm multi-lingual. I can speak "Rudy Huxtable" or "Rudy Ray Moore" depending on the situation. It's a BE-YOU-TO-FULL thing to naturally "pflow" with any situation. It's a gift. And a blessing. Time to embrace it...for myself. #HavingFunROCKS



09/22/2015 2:00pm

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