That moment when you're really GLAD the folks who are OUT of your life are OUT of your life....so you can actually pay attention to the folks who are SUPPOSED to be in your life without a lot of "cloudiness" blocking YOUR shine or unnecessary distractions that throw you off your path and game.

You know I had this bad habit of trying to save the WORLD...until I had to save MYSELF....BY MYSELF!  Those damn lessons will make you stronger and wiser...OR kill ya!  And I have had too many GREAT influences, teachers and role  models in my corner to allow the latter to happen.  

So the Soldier Girl "rebooted" and reassess and "reviewed" the situation.  THEN, I ACTED according, making the necessary corrections and changes....and just allowed Nature to take its course.  After all, there is NOTHING more natural than NATURE.  And just being YOU.

It's true.  Just stay focused on YOUR grind...and things just work themselves out to your good.  No regrets.  No do-overs.  NO drama!  Life's GREAT!  Not bragging (well, maybe sorta).  Just sharing the lessons...and perhaps showing a few how to "fish" for themselves.

And I'm just warming up.  Keep watching. P.S.  The Law Of Attraction...it WORKS!  But it starts with YOU!  What and who are YOU attracting with YOUR actions and energy?!

And that's when it get REALLY interesting.......  #trueSELFawarenessANDresponsibility

Back/Forward to ME again and dancing to my own beat...and loving every moment of it!  MY path, that is.  After all, why would I walk someone else's when MY path is "MY" path?!

Yep...it's a WALK; not just a talk.  How YOU walking...or dancing?  Are you following YOUR path...or someone else?  And how will you ever get to YOUR destination if you're walking another's path?  

Remember, TWO things a true pioneer and trailblazer must have:  SKILLS and COURAGE.  The bait for your "fish."  ;-)

GOoD Nite, CEOs (Conscious Evolution Originals).  Keep marching forward...and Shine ON, Stars!  <3




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