GOoD MORNING U-N-EYE-VERSE!  Here's a little "coffee" from Da Oracle to sip on:

Yesterday was BE-YOU-TO-FULL...in a variety of ways.  A multitude of people coming together to march and pray for justice is great.  But you know what else is GREATER?!  Using the power of your resources to make justice happen for yourself.

First...numbers are always important.  It's better to have some than none.  HOWEVER, the ONLY numbers that get the attention of the "power-elite" is $$$$$.  They care NOT about your problems...or they would have done something a long time ago.  They don't CARE if what they're doing is right or wrong...or they would have corrected their "wrongs" a long time ago.

And they're constantly writing, re-writing and changing the rules of the laws AND the game...just because they can to KEEP you in the same position they have for hundreds of years.  So you think THOSE people are concerned about all those BE-YOU-TO-FULL faces who came together to march and pray?

REALITY CHECK!!!!!!!!!!!

Was Trump at the march?  Was Alan Greenspan at the march?  Was Warren Buffet at the march?  Were ANY of the top 50 of the wealthiest people in America at the march?!

A grand gesture gets the "mass" attention; but it doesn't get the attention of "massa" (nor big media either #samething).  What DOES get the "power-elite's" attention is when you mess with their money.  Honestly, they could give a shit about a march!  HOWEVER, things really happen...when you shift the money focus!

"Damn Val!  There YOU go again...stirring the waters like Raphael and the ashes like Shiva"  Don't blame me for keeping it REAL; EYE'm just the messenger trying not to get crucified AGAIN for telling you, NOT what you WANT to hear, but rather what you NEED to hear.  

So yesterday was BE-YOU-TO-FULL.  Now WHAT?!

How about WE do BETTER business in our OWN communities...hold ourselves accountable and let our actions match our words...and support each other (especially the ones PROVEN to be WORTHY of support) like we support everyone else.  Tommy Hilfiger or Nike could care less about your plight...as long as they have your money.  Take away those dollars and support some Black entrepreneurs like Stephen Burrows and Nas...and see the REAL magic happen.

Support local entrepreneurs who CONSTANTLY have to go outside their own communities for support to survive because their local communities are always supporting EVERYone else BUT them.  YET, like the whore who longs to be a pimp (or the next HNIC), OUR communities ALWAYS expect a "hook up" or a "hand out" from their best and brightest and HARDEST-WORKING while always hollering some reverse-Jedi "support mantra" that's suppose to "guilt" the Black business and entrepreneurs to suffer and dismiss their own value for the sake of a community that "looks good on camera," but never on paper.

CAN WE KEEP IT 100?!  That is always the BIGGEST problem in any issue...and especially in OUR communities.  TRUTH.  People want solutions; but they don't WANT to be an actual PART of that solution...because BEING a part of change REQUIRES change.  Not just marching; NOT just prayer; CHANGE.

And it's TIME for a change.  In fact, it's happening...whether you're ready for it or not.  The only thing left to be seen....is what side you'll be on.  The side of merely "hoping"...or the side of DOING?

The "Comet Of Change" is approaching rapidly, causing vibrational shifts on EVERY level.  Resist the shift...and you resist evolution.  Don't evolve?  And you'll be "wiped out"...by your own doing (or not doing).

IJS....WE can "make it rain" every week.  NOW let's see if we can make our dollars march TOO.  




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