Apologies in advance for the length.  But before EYE move forward…just an observation:

And this is not to knock anyone's personal protest.  Do what's sincerely in your heart...emphasis on "sincerely." EYE just want to address a few things EYE see publicly that confuse me…or not.

As a child of GOD who was born initially loving all things and praying for all people until actions and reactions called for a little more "discernment," I have grown to realize what a convenient "propaganda-type" some things can become for "some" who want to show the world how "compassionate" they are about the rest of the world.  YET, some of these same people are the very ones who won't lift a finger to support locally those who have supported them time and time AND TIME again.  

And even sadder when the true supporters realize that the ones who ended up needing support the MOST and getting it the LEAST is themselves….because nothing from nothing leaves nothing. Lost lambs always "crucify" the shepherd that really cares.  And planting in barren field lead to no crops at worst; seedless crops at best.

IJS….if you don't see me on a "world protest" or public "symbolic gesture" of peace, it is just that this is something EYE have been doing ALL my life, in some form or fashion.  Check the records, roll the tape, peruse the pics…and the proof is in the pudding for those not "mindblind" or "ego-sensitive."  YET, again the observation that some care soooo much for folks they don't know who have NEVER done ANYTHING for them more than the ones in front of their faces who have tried to do EVERYTHING for them leaves an Oracle a bit…."miffed and amused" at the same time.

Observation:  Some would rather feign "showing" than actually "doing"….like that's gonna make a real difference.  That's like expecting to buy real diamonds with fake money.  Or trying to fool GOD (in whatever form you choose to worship).

That's why I'm just gonna drop my "peace" and put it ALL on the table:  EYE  can't do fakes nor do EYE do "bandwagon causes!"  EYE won't pretend…and don't feel the need to take on the world's problems when no one is taking on mine but me.  REAL TALK!

So, EYE protest in private (sort of), putting my activism into my art on a daily basis as opposed to when it's trendy or "media-induced"…and EYE publicly "pray" for myself EVERY day…because if "EYE" live long and prosper...or at least live one more day, that will inspire, not only ME, but at least ONE soul who's been following my steps, watching my walk, listening to my words and SEEING my struggle and "triumph" and inspired by MY journey and actions.

And that ONE sincere person who will actually DO at least ONE sincere thing in their life is worth more to me than a million fake souls who will be "all over" whatever is the "flava cause of the day" in less than a week and on to the next "trendy" thing....

....because the masses are primarily followers; not fighters.  Just think if everyone fought so hard to make their OWN lives "right."  What a BE-YOU-TO-FULL thing that would be.  But that's just common sense in "OracleWorld."  Apparently it's something else in "Bizarro World."  

LIFE…is not a "trend."  It is meant to be lived out loud and enjoyed by all.  ALL LIVES MATTER.  And that includes mine as well.  So excuse me (or not) if EYE pass on certain protests and so-called "movements" as EYE have something more precedent knocking on my door.  It's called "personal evolution."  And I'm trying to elevate MY condition from the inside out.  Yes, it takes more work…more sincerity…more discipline…more determination…and gets less recognition and respect than a hobo with a sign saying "The World Is Coming To An End."

But in the bigger scheme of things, it's the MOST important thing you can do in your entire existence:  To actually practice what you preach on a DAILY basis.

Now go and tell your ministers to drop THAT in the morning sermon!  

P.S.  EYE just gave you that extra shot of coffee and wake up call for FREE.  And yet, you'll pay "Minister Moneybags" your "tithes" for "selling souls" while still trashing my opinion and denying that EYE was there (emphasis on "was"….journeys are meant to keep moving, not drown in stagnation and drain) and blaming ME because you don't understand (or say you don't understand) my walk.

Hmmm….who's looking and sounding more like "Jesus" now?  IJS….





07/04/2016 3:46pm

Thanks for sharing this information and I’ll love to read your next post too.

08/17/2016 7:04am

Nowadays we see different type of protests by public because they have many reasons to protest. Government should not give them reason for protesting and breaking the things to show how much they are angry.

08/17/2016 6:29pm

I have always loved the irony in your posts and I am not saying that is a bad thing because I just said I love it, really. I happen to agree with you and I too do not really see the point of protests either. I am really glad you put that all out!

01/09/2017 6:34am

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