GOoD MORNING U-N-EYE-VERSE! It's a BE-YOU-TO-FULL thing to have the Sun shine inside AND outside your soul. Nothing like having pieces fall together in place exactly how you would like 'em to be....and you didn't even have to "force" it; it just happens NATURALLY.

Ahhh...but YOU helped tho! See...it's YOUR "natural" energy that creates your "heaven" or your "hell." And the attracted "energies" that you choose to embrace can either infuse or diffuse your state of BEing.


Hmmm....some of you "sideline haters" tho. And for ALL I/EYE have been through...even MY attempts to help YOU?! Wow. Awakening moment...and realization. Lessons AND Blessings...and ALL a part of the much bigger picture and greater plan. AND EYE GET IT!!!!! Of course EYE do. EYE'M DA "ORACLE!" Plus, it all helps me to find and connect with even deeper layers of myself and gives me such wonderful fuel to write about. #TheSoulJahGiveThanks

P.S. "GOD" is something you gotta LIVE, not just "preach" about. But EYE guess it takes one to KNOW "ONE." #DoubleEntendreIntended

It's a BE-YOU-TO-FULL day...should YOU choose to "accept" the mission. Go make a hater mad and do something "WONDERFULLY IMPOSSIBLE" and enjoy YOUR life! <3





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