Waking up
Seeing the Sun
The One
That brings the first shine
The first smile
To my face
Greets me in love
While I greet him in grace
Moments like these
We cherish and don’t waste
As I take my first breath
Manufactured by my ethereal self
Heaven’s gates open
To begin the day
With you

And before I start
Like fresh coffee
Pouring from my heart
I let it pflow
My admiration
My adoration
My salvation
From the darkest of my dark inner soul
The bad and the bold
Shadow integration
In full view
The immovable object
And the unstoppable force
Finds themselves as 2
On the same course
Face to face

What will happen next
It’s anyone’s guess
But oh the journey in infitite space

And the beauty
And the fear
Of the unknown and known

Roaming……no more
Just letting….it….BE
Naturally Eden

When you’ve been from home
For so long
You forget where
You do or you don’t belong

Until you find
The immovable object
On your path

And you start to remember
And recalculate the math
And the course

And suddenly the unstoppable force
It hasn’t stopped…….

It just found home…….again

And sees herself
Through different eyes


*2016 Val Jones



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