MEssage: I "DON'T" do this for the city...the entourages...the poets...the artists...the wannabes...the never gonnabes...the copy cats....the politicians...the religious fanatics....the "stuck on stupid" ones...the always wanna fight ones...the loud just to be loud ones....the "your clique better than mine" ones...or ANY of these folks who don't sign MY check or feed ME soup or nurture MY soul or help heal MY heart.

I do this for the person who works the hardest in my life --ME! And, in the process, I symbiotically do this for the remnant who KNOW that WE are "different" and don't fit in the constraints of mediocrity and societal "sameness." WE are NOT "you" (whoever YOU are...which IS the biggest question, isn't it?!) WE have NEVER been "you." And WE don't WANT to be YOU....although many of you soooo pretend to be US. Interesting.....and yet sooo not.

I do this for the ones who struggle with their sanity and heart EVERY day in an insane and heartless world. I do this for the one who actually DO the "right" thing...and still get constantly "wrong" and slighted and abused. I do this for the ART that is missing when artists think more about fame and getting their "fuck" on rather than building up their craft and respecting the very pioneers that opened the door for them to be as "ignorant" and "arrogant" as they wanna be. Freedom and free will. Sometimes an interesting dichotomy.

I do this for the ones of go it ALONE...no to very minimal support and NO sponsor or "fam" or anyone to fall back on. And YET, we somehow manage to make the "miracle" look EASY and still survive...perhaps to find this time, THIS moment, THIS SECOND to innerstand that EVERY thing you've ever gone thru has led you to RIGHT NOW....and a clarity like you've never had before AS WELL AS to the very ones you find "kinship" and "alignment" with. YOUR "soul tribe."

I DON'T DO THIS FOR OTHERS! I DO THIS FOR ME. Your life is like your heartbeat. It's personal. And when it stops, it doesn't matter what others do or don't do. THAT'S THE END OF YOUR BEAT. So I do this for ME...and MY "beat." Personal like MY story! Personal like MY walk (do you SEE anyone carrying ME?! And do you see me waiting for that to happen?! Queens just don't sit and wait. We MOVE.). Personal like the air I breathe. And if my breath just so happens to "resuscitate" someone else in the process that was in severe need of FRESH AIR and a clearer perspective, then I know MY "ultimate" mission to pass a little of me on to someone who deserves and appreciates it has been accomplished.

Oh yeah...I DO "do this" for the brilliant babies coming up so they can see themselves in a better future. Somebody got to while everybody else "stunting!" (Babies are smarter than most adults I know.)

Most "movement" are like the Hebrews walking around in the same circles for 40 years and STILL never getting to the "promised land." (Let that energy just "die out," said Daddy. Got it.)

Cities come and go. People come and go. Zipcodes are just numbers that mean absolutely NOTHING in the greater cosmos and planetary alignment. And people who can't raise themselves up will NEVER be able to raise YOU up. #SaveYourselfFirst

Freeing MY mind...MY heart...MY soul...and MY art...FIRST. And just unlocked someone else's chains at the same time.

NOW THAT'S HOW TO CELEBRATE INDEPENDENCE! Please don't ask me to unlock chains that I already have. Even Harriet Tubman said, "Ya know what? Not revisiting THIS BS anymore. Moving ON. Have fun waiting for your next savior.

Feeling soooo much better. I'm sure my "independence speech" will not resonated with many. But then again, ask me do I care? Or more importantly, ask me WHY should I care?! And there be the story and the MEssage for ALL.

If the truth shall set you free, then I supposed I just did another "Harriet Tubman." Ahhh, but the age-old dilemma. Could have free soooo many more...if they didn't choose to be slaves. And THAT, my friend, is NOT my problem, my passion nor my purpose. I'm just a "breath of freedom" passing through.

What or WHO do YOU need to free yourselves from to enjoy a better life for YOU?!




07/28/2016 5:47am

Every person is alive the independence in your life and keep happy always. Every people is celebrate the independence day. Independence Day is valuable for all the nation of the country.

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so great post


It's very hard to be yourself when society tries to intervene with how you want to hone yourself. Sometimes people tend to pretend someone they're not because of what the society asks of them. Even the inner circle of the person is to be blamed why a person chooses to be someone they're not. We tend to judge people based on how we want them to be, how we want to see them. What we do not know is the burden they have because of the expectations we put them in. For every family who tries to control their children, please try to understand and let your children discover themselves. Let them be themselves and support them no matter what.

02/11/2017 4:28am

Hey that was great to read. Thanks for the great post .Loved every part of it.

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