GREAT MORNIN' BELOVEDS!  Sooooo THIS is my "look" of "conflict resolution counsel" with DAD and MOM and the Galactic Federation. It's the look of..."REALLLY?! IS THIS A JOKE?!" (because, like me, along with a serious sense of honor, THEEy have an IMMENSE sense of humor....twisted humor)

See...."Lilith" showed up too. Of course! Shadow integration intact with an eye also on the "twisted view." Bantu knots released so my antennae can breeeeathe and BE...free. Getting all this intel and confirms of what IS and isn't to BE. And....

WE....are being told to do something we don't know if we really want to...(faces and places and choices different; embrace my OWN brilliance; resilience comes from within; let the new journey begin and FUKK THAT MADNESS THO)

As well, WE are also being told to NOT do something that we would normally do in the past. But pasts don't last unless you bring them into your future. (No wine to swine; no pearls to hogs. No giving priority to what is NOT your world. No dismissing that YOUR life and YOUR needs matter TOO. No more jumping on the cross. NO!!!) 

Trust...I/WE see the benefit of the wisdom and orders. And THEEy know THEEir daughter. We've been here before. We've ALL been here before. The difference.......and the similarities...are alarming...and yet not.
What happens when lessons go unlearned? #Revelations #BeautifulChaos #Evolution

Change is not always pretty. The biggest changes are indeed NOT. Lots of folks in denial about that but that's THEIR issue. Just having my OWN issues "not controlling" the destiny..and letting free will be free...and learning what it all means to ME. And knowing it will ALL be what it BE. #DestinyRegardless

"Non-violation" is the MAIN ORDER GIVEN FROM UP HIGH. Sometimes what IS is what's NEEDED to force the change to come through. Like manure does to crops. Some can't see the beauty...til it rises up out of all that shit it's under.

Back to me....because it IS my story (and maybe a few of yours too. But back to what I know is true...for me...) Sooooo THEEy are reminding me in my "timeout" that it's more like a "time in." "See those projects and gifts WE gave you...for YOU? GO WORK ON THOSE! (Side note: I do have a small tendency to "buck authority." But only when I'm given orders I don't innerstand completely. It's a Lilith thing. THEEy innerstand. I needed that "energy" to balance the BS on the journey of brilliance. But back to THEE Parents...)

And THEEy said about my new/old gifts: "Trust...it'll be different this time. This time....your soul family will bring gifts and gold and food for YOUR table as well. There will be no lack in YOUR Queendom. ALL will shine...and YOU....no less than them. Go to the light of love, little ONE. And release the rest.....to US."

Military Brats can be so "goddamn hands on!"  #HOOAH

BUT I GET IT!! (Do YOU?) Yes...a Daughter is sooooo LOVED. Soooo hard-headed too. (They call me Lilith. Do YO research, hoes! Or just experience the experience...depending on YOUR "experience.")

And this morning.....I am being a GOoD daughter and being...."obedient." Comic upload AND "Universal timeout" at the same damn time tho. I get it. But daaaaaaaamn. The things I COULD say and do.........

But does it EVER matter?!! (And there we have the moral and the MEssage for today.)

Never did like circuses though. So why stick around to clean up elephant shit? Gotta go. GREAT "fresh air and ink" coming up soon. Oh wait.... Upon reading back for errors, I realize THIS is the "fresh ink." Freestyled too. Well...BLAM!!!!!!!!  #BitchPudding

In between time, enjoy your day. Don't let the devil still or steal your joy. Tell that muthafucka to KICK ROCKS, MAGGOT. I got the "voodoo gun" charged up and I got JOY JOY JOY JOY DOWN IN MY HEART!! 😎 

Nah really......just saying and keeping it 100 to the "viruses:" YOU looking at ME while you NEED to be looking UP...and DOWN....and ALL around....and INSIDE YOURSELF.....where the biggest blessing or destruction will be felt.

But hey....this could just all be an elaborate story from the mind of an ole Piscean hippie broadcaster and writer. Guess you'll just have to figure that one out on your own. (Damn...that was soooo ORACLE right there! LOL)


*follow the journey: www.youtube.com/valjonesdaoracle



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