GREAT FRIDAY BELOVEDS 💕   It's an interesting weekend indeed ahead of us. And a more interesting week ahead. WE are about to go through a portal of emotional, physical, psychological karma like there has NEVER been before! EVER!!!

Well...in THIS eon anyway. Oh CLEARLY this has happened before...on this very planet. Ain't nothing new.

What's NEW....is YOU. What YOU gonna DO?!

The blue pill? The red pill? The black pill? The white pill? NO pill? ALL the pills?
I'm not here to tell ya what to do. I'm just saying.....if you can't SEE a productive loving way in the cause and resulting effect, then what purpose is this?

Get OUT of your "books." Get OUT of your "labels." Get OUT of your "philosophies" and "fables.

Get OUT of your OWN heads for a sec. Consider something you haven't thought of yet. 

Step back. Make some space. 
Breathe some FRESH air. FEEL the breeze on your face.I
t's okay to be alone.....Even though you are not.
Do a 360.
Breeeeeeathe again.
Close your eyes.
Feel the Sun.
Feel the Earth.
Feel the Air.
Feel.......... 💕 

Now....look at all of this again and SEE for perhaps the very first time.
Do you see what I see?

There's MAGIC in your mind. 
Don't give up your sense/cents to buy a ticket to the circus.
And don't give up your worth nor your GO(l)D.

But is IS "your" choice...and YOUR consequence.  And that, my friends, are always personal lessons that cost every time.

Ahhhh, but that learning tho!! EVOLUTION.

Time to do something NEW. What YOU gonna DO?! )

Cheers from the House of Enki. 

*Follow the journey at: www.youtube.com/valjonesdaoracle



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12/05/2016 1:29am

Our mind is so deep that scientist hasn’t explored every depth of it. I believe it’s so powerful and complex. True to what you’ve mentioned that we have to keep that magic in our mind. Positivity and belief works hand in hand. If we master and focus our way of thinking, we can do all things at ease. We just have to allow a minute to relax and feel the nature to help us refreshed. And what’s more important is to keep that senses up and the will to push through.

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