The Universe is ALWAYS talking to us. ALWAYS. We're just too busy listening to our own fears and thoughts...and/or OTHER folks fears and thoughts to pay attention to what we REALLY should be paying attention to: Our personal connection to.......

Well, that's where YOU come in and that's a journey YOU have to take for YOURSELF. Yet personal journeys are the ones most seem to avoid because learning one's self "appears" to be the hardest thing to do...

until you shut everything and everybody out and JUST DO IT! Learn what makes YOU tick...what makes YOU happy...and stay clear of those which drain from that or tell you that you don't know what you know; especially when you make miracles everyday just by what you think. Yup...it's that potent and powerful. AND EASY....until WE make it harder than it really is.

Remember, you manifest what you FEEL; not what you think. Thought might be the "vehicle." But your FEELING is your fuel for the journey and helps you get to your "destination" or "arrival of the bliss of YOU."

Ahhhh....and THERE be the REAL journey for some who've forgotten how to authentically feel ANYTHING without having someone or something "co-sign." True creators don't wait for a "co-sign." They just....create. And the Universe/Omiverse is speaking loudly and more visually than it EVER has in our lifetime. Well...THIS lifetime. The question of existence now is: "ARE YOU FINALLY PAYING ATTENTION?! And what kind of world are YOU creating around YOU? 

What you're feeling RIGHT NOW will give you your answer.

Just a storyteller sharing what "feeling" and Universal vibrations and energies can manifest. #OracleEvolution2016 #TheProofIsInTheActNotTheTalk



10/11/2016 2:33am

All of us wants to know ourselves, to identify what we really want and what we want to be yet most of us don't even scratch the surface of knowing who we really are. Many of us go through each day reacting to events and just getting by rather than making sound decisions based on who we are and what we want. Sometimes, we need to pay attention to the universe and it will give us little signs to show us the way. Signs really are there if we find the time to look for them.


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03/28/2017 6:41am

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03/28/2017 7:11am

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04/05/2017 12:37pm

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