Butterflies and Dragonflies flying right up to my face. Strange "glowy" white flying things way up high. Hovering "shiny things" that hummmmm. The birds...always the birds dancing and flying around me...on cue. Patches of brilliant baby blue skies directly in front of me among a vortex of clouds. "Rainbow" clouds...and various colors of pink purplish orbs and "rays" in the sky. Rain...when I'm feeling sumkindaway. RAIN...whenever I start to cry, even if the Sun is shining. Things cutting on an off. Books "opened" at key pages I need to read at that very moment. And the "voices".... (Damn. Reminds me of a Star Trek episode!)

Crazy, you say?! Look at the world right now...and maybe YOUR life and what's surrounding it. And ask yourself what's really "crazy" again?! #DenialAndDestruction

IJS....I'd think twice before messing with...
Well, IJS....I'd think TWICE. Period. ;-)

MY Universe is talking clearly. How about YOURS?

(P.S. I've already GOT all the "attention." So no need to make this stuff. Maybe...the Universe is trying to get YOUR attention. IJS...)

(P.S.S. And WE are not EVEN done...yet. So much more to come...that's gonna MAKE YOU....change...your perceptions...about a LOT of things.)

(P.S.S. The "Others" are quite UNIMPRESSED with your "words." However...THEEy are equally "UNIMPRESSED" with your actions. THEEy said to tell you YOU'D better make some SENSE of it all and ACT like you KNOW. OR end up KNOWING why things are the way they are...in lessons that are not always..."watered down.")

#TakeItOrLeaveItForItMattersNotInTheRealSchemeOfEvolution #JustTheDaughterAndTheMessenger #SharesTheCoffeeAndContinuesOn

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I believe that the universe is talking to you when it shows you hidden signs daily. An example would be if someone were to get into an accident, sometimes a glass shatters or their important object suddenly gets lost. I know that this is only superstition, but there are accounts of it happening in reality. A simple case of the universe talking to you is when you always get bad luck, that it appears as if the universe hates you. Sometimes, it is best to just ignore it and continue on with your life and what makes you happy. As someone once said, you are who want to be and only you can write your destiny.

05/28/2017 9:16pm

I envy you. I would really love to see glowing butterflies right now. All I have here is the smell of the dead rat. I still haven't discovered where it was until now. I am being swarmed by really small flies and they are really annoying. They keep trying to enter my mouth and nose. I have to be extra careful. I really don't want to smack them because I don't want to clean up their slime or something. What do I do?

10/02/2016 4:13pm

This is an amazing article is regarding the universe. In all over the world lot of human are live in this universe and all the system is control the God. Many years ago people have nothing to awareness for doing work but with the passage of time people are adopt the method for living in earth.



11/05/2016 2:39am

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11/20/2016 8:52pm

There are so many things to do in this world in which we need His guidance. God can get our attention through pictures, symbols and things around us. Thus, there were times that we can see strange things. Some may say that we're crazy, but for us, it's a sign. So, what we need to do is just kneel, bow down our heads and pray.

01/28/2017 1:45am

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