Save Barron?!  WHO said that?!  The devil IS a lie!!!  
Wait...translating the code.....
"Save the children."  
"Isn't Barron a child, Daughter?"  
Yeah, but.....  
"Your walk is NOT like before. Your past has served its purpose.  Your now is YOU.  And one of your greatest missions and legacies is teaching children. Loving the ones who need it most. Who else will do it if not you?!  The schools are corrupt.  The virus has spread too much among the people.  They don't see.  YOU do.  Do not follow the others or allow them to distract you from your walk this season.  You have the key.  Save the children.  All else and others are a lie.  And the children are waiting on YOU.  They have always been waiting...on YOU."

AND THAT'S WHAT YOU CALL A "CHANNELED MESSAGE," BOYS AND GIRLS!  Ugggh!!!  Must still be lucid dreaming.  The shit that goes on in ORacleWorld though.  And unlike most these other fakes on FB, EYE don't be fronting.  Tiz why EYE SHOW you the walk rather than just "talk."  IJS....   

You already KNOW that "resistance" went up immediately, right?!  And MOM just wiped it right away.  Poof be gone!!!  Damn.  ALL this...and no coffee today.  OR for the rest of the week per my "medical instructions" from the "Others."  CLEARLY EYE am still in "counsel" with the Divine elders right now.  Enjoy your day.  Logging OUT so EYE won't feel the "resistance" and public madness.  MUCH bigger things going on with ME right now.  MUCH...bigger......

WHY says Momo?!  Oh...just got the answer in the question.  Touché MOM.





Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. I must say that you have a creative and imaginative mind. I can relate to you. There are some things that I cannot differentiate if it is just a dream or it happened in reality. Please keep posting. I will be waiting for more of your posts.

02/15/2017 2:49am

May I know what you are talking about here in this post? I am really confused right now. Maybe because it's my first time to visit your site. Do you mind explaining things further? I would really love to know what's going on. Thank you so much in advance. Anyway, I think that this is something really interesting and fun.

04/04/2017 1:49pm

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