You ever have those times when everybody and their mama is pulling on you for something they don't deserve or never earned? It's not only Trump who wants "greatness" for nothing. Far too many are griping without checking the mirror first.

It's moments like these that you are thankful and grateful to have TRUE friends and mentors to pull you off the edge of insanity.

Ownership: EYE have spoiled waaaay too many with free pearls for YEEEEARS and they clearly do not understand how this year EYE am about the business of BUSINESS...MINE...and not saving them. For too long, EYE have put others' needs before my own....with NO reciprocity. And EYE did it willingly. No one put a gun to my head. Facts. BUT NO LONGER.

And EYE realize how it's hard for some to figure that out if they can't even figure themselves out. You can tell by the actions and attitudes that NEVER change. Hmmm.... Forgive them for they know not their own stupidity (and YES, we ALL have our STUPID moments. YOU are no exception!) or irrational and irresponsible ways. Taking ownership of my past errors and correcting them NOW as we speak. Others will eventually "get it" and leave you alone. Eventually. No air. No life.

Stewardship: You must TEACH people how to treat you. Never assume they know for if they KNEW better they'd DO better. But some CHOOSE not to do better because that's like...uhh...self-work. And if they are in denial about themselves, surely they will never see YOU as you really are nor value your worth. So you must effectively, yet kindly, "remind" them to be about their integrity and to develop better "math" skills or there is no relationship...business or personal. Period.

Responsibility: Everyone's NOT. CLEARLY. You see it now more than ever before. That is why it is soooo important at this juncture in our history to NOT take on another's responsibility nor let them make you feel guilty for not doing it. YOU BETTER LEARN TO SAVE YOURSELF!! In MY case, not only do EYE NOT feel guilty about what EYE just said, but the Lilith and military brat in me will be all up in your face about how insulting that is and show receipts to boot. Still.....people ARE as they ARE...and not how YOU always want them to be. And 2 things EYE know: You can't love a person more than they will love themselves and you can't help a person more than they will help themselves. Wait. 3 things: And you can NEVER expect someone who won't properly help themselves to EVER be able to help YOU. #Science

So take responsibility to under/innerstand that some folks will NEVER get it and NEVER be responsible. Some folks will always expect something for nothing and look to you, like Jeezus, for something they didn't earn. That's LIFE...and learning. Just because some don't get it doesn't meant YOU don't get it. Live..learn...laugh about it...and "Poof be GONE." Focus on your "happy" and what works for YOU rather than your pain & drain and what doesn't. Be about YOUR business...first. Everything else comes afterwards. EVERYTHING ELSE COMES...AFTERWARDS!!

Again, EYE soooo "apple-o-gize" as EYE sit here with stomach issues and my own set of unique problems that no one seems to care about. Nor do EYE expect anyone to. But some of ya caught me at the wrong time with your constantly "failed lesson plan." And EYE slipped into old behavior. OFF WITH THEIR HEADS (in true Shiva style). EYE "apple-o-gize" (Yes EYE looove that word! Thanks Alex Baldwin! LOL) if EYE spoiled some of you to thinking you'd be on my "Ark" without earning a pass in this season. Or that EYE would continue to open my treasure chest up like the community "grab bag." But that's just not how it works. Actually, that's not how it was EVER supposed to work. EYE just took a while to learn that lesson. And that's why EYE'm not "stressing" the Trump era.

But some of you? Got your own lessons to learn. And EYE am not sorry to say, EYE can't do that for you. But EYE wish you well though. Mama is focused on "Mama's house" and health this season. And if you're not in my bed, you gets no head and no back stage pass from ME.

Take that how you want to. (*_*)

LOVE YA THO....from a distance and away from my piggybank.

Still learning and growing and putting my "bigger girl pants" on. Thanks Barbara Armstrong White. If folks really KNEW how many are alive today because of YOU?! Ooooh!!! They really should be kissing YOUR feet. LOL You're the BEST Big Sis and mentor an ORacle could ever have. Indeed the "Maya" to my "Oprah." You have been a blessing from the FIRST day we met. Which goes to show...real is forever. 💕



You are right in your sentiments. Most of us are complaining that our country doesn't deserve our new president. I believe that before we judge our new president, we must first look at ourselves. Does our country deserve us too? Are we a burden in our nation?

02/21/2017 7:33pm

I think we can also add with the stewardship and responsibility is the accountability. Being accountable for what you have done, whether it turned out to be something really positive or the other way around, we must learn to deal with it. Being responsible, on the other hand, is being able to accept the result and if there is something wrong happened, that person must learn how to deal with it as well. Thank you so much for this! I have learned a lot from this.


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