Feels like....the "flu without the flu." Body aches.

Feeling like a "burn victim" on the mend.

100 volts of electricity constantly sizzling through the skin.

Everything old and useless being burned off from within...
And without.

The REAL Gods and Goddess know what EYE'm talking about.

Something about Cosmic Upload Weekend, combined with Emerald City. The past 2 Saturdays, EYE have awakened feeling SUPER physically drained, yet mentally charged. It's like everything...EVERY THING...and everyone...EVERY ONE...who doesn't need to be in my life...on my journey...are being washed away and the etheric body is being cleansed (or dare EYE say "baptized") in the now and what is to be.

That "resistance?" Doesn't matter...for it's much bigger than me. The Planets are talking a LOT louder than the people. And Source is coming clearly through every mechanical "advice" and "device" that surrounds me. The "computer" must delete old files to house the new upgrades. And the funny thing, EYE am not the one doing the deleting. And yet...EYE am, aren't EYE?

The past 2 Saturdays have felt like December 2015....when the first massive wave hit me. Knocked this "Go Go Gadget" person down off my people podium and said, "It's YOUR time to listen NOW, Little One. You've absorbed too much of the wrong energy. The dirty waters. Your alchemy is being poisoned from within and without. So, WE must purge and reboot you."

And EYE accepted. When you have a giant snake talking to you in smoke form, you can either listen to it and learn...or be afraid of it and have it eat you. But my Nature Walk journeys had been bringing me across snakes for the past 2 years prior. Interesting encounters. VERY interesting. EYE to eye encounters....where most would run. But EYE would sit...or stare...and understood there was some actual communication going on (unbeknownst to me clearly at the time of what it was. "Get ready, little one. Your eyes are about to see even more.)

Side note: Even as a child, EYE played with snakes. Check the receipts and do your research. How many remember when EYE took the baby water moccasin home from class....and would feed it flies to eat...before my Earthly "guardians" threw it away? Funny thing...it just came back the next year and brought the family. LOL

Even funnier. EYE have had FAR more problems with "walking snakes" than the crawling ones.

A child of Nature never forgets who Her REAL Parents are. We just get lost....in other folks stories. Until.... It's times like these that make you realize there is something soooo much more than meets the outside eye. That's why you must go IN. A journey many refuse to make.

AHHHH BUT THEY'RE GONNA HAVE TO DO IT NOW THOUGH! THE HUMOR OF IT ALL. DON'T TALK ABOUT IT. LIVE ABOUT IT. BE ABOUT IT. EPIPHANIES FOR EVERYONE. But can YOU handle the truth? And if you thought it was gonna be a fairy tale where you can just sit and watch popcorn and "play" with magic and not RESPECT the magic nor the water? Well....EYE've possibly already said too much.

Soooo, for the past 2 Saturdays, EYE've awakened with my body feeling like the "Others" have been doing some SEERIOUS (or is it "Sirius") surgery on me. And EYE hear these voices that just keep saying: "Drink more water. And rest. Cleanse...and REST."

Guess Saturday IS the Sabbath after all. At least, so far, it is for me. Rules of the Universe in effect in ORacleWorld.

And every time EYE close my eyes, EYE see these "lights." It starts out like a "black hole" with a faded white light shimmering around it. Then the light grows and grows as the hole becomes a part of the light...or the light becomes a part of the hole. Then the "spectrum of colors" show begins as the light goes from purple to gold to white. EYE open my eyes to see if any outside force or light is affecting this "vision." NONE. EYE close my eyes....and we start the journey again...as if to tell me, "No...this is not a trick. This is YOU. This...IS...YOU.

Did you get it?

We all have our stories. The Universe is constantly pointing me to MINE. And MY mission in this new season? To follow MY story and see it through. And in case EYE get lost? Well, we all have our "training manuals."

It's a NEW "matrix" now, boys and girls. The old doesn't apply. The past is gone. The future is today. And tomorrow is irrelevant. As EYE said before, the Planets are talking a LOT louder than the people. And MOM (Mother Earth) is giving me all EYE need to face each day fearlessly.

Yup. It's a NEW "matrix" alright. Stories change. Seasons change. People change. Or...they become extinct...like the Dinosaur.

Back...or maybe EYE should say, forward to MY story. EYE can already tell it's gonna be a WHOPPER (in my 11th Doctor voice).


Hmmm....think EYE just wrote the prologue to my next book. Sad that most can't even read these days. #DoubleEntendreIntended

True ORacle Stories.



02/03/2017 11:02pm

You have a very creative way of expressing your thoughts. It is not the usual form of expression. You include humor and sarcasm in your writing style. I must say that you have a good writing style though.

02/20/2017 5:20am

The universe is a vast expanse we cannot seem to get the picture. Its mysteries are yet unknown and these mysterious things affect us subconsciously. Sometimes we tend to base our determinations and actions on the moon and the stars. Or we still ask the fate to get it over with with whatever plans it have for us. I love how you express yourself through this eye thing. And it lets me think through the things that occur to me yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

07/24/2017 7:47pm

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