Prove it.

"Val?  Wake up."
Hmmmm...Mom.  Just a few more hours.

"No. Now. Wake up."
But it's cold.  And EYE'm somewhere in between La La Land and Moonlight. Just a few more hours.  Or until EYE see sunlight.

"Baby?  Wake up...NOW.  Open your eyes. And your mind.  And your pen.  PROVE IT. And bring it to light."


Still.  The child KNOWS what it knows.  FEELS what it feels. Scoffers can scoff.  But SHE knows what is real.
Because she sees it every day.
Hears it every day.
FEELS it every day.
And learns something NEW.
EVERY day.

Waking up and seeing....no....paying ATTENTION to the things around her bed.  Her head.  Her clues.  Her cues.
Sharing with you.

Above her head the Zodiac wheel.
Revealing a science older than earth itself.
And yet so-called scientists with all of their "mental wealth"
Are still sooooooo blind and empty
Like the shelves at Fort Knox  
(Looks rich but no gold found within.  Now let THAT sink it.)

To my left....the angel drummer.
My favorite picture.
Moved all around the house
But now positioned directly to my left
To remind me of myself
Every morning and every day
EYE come from the astral realm
And take my helm
On THIS plane
("No.  You're NOT going insane.  You're going IN.  REIGN!")

To the left of the drummer.
The picture reminding me of my name.
Imani.  Faith.  One in the same.
Birth clues.  Birth cues.
To remember my "flame."
My inner light that shines my way
And heats my soul through cold, harsh days
When no one else sees what's at play

And speaking of seeing.....
Do YOU see
All the spirits that surround ME?!

Or do you see just the tragedy
Of an only child with both "earth parents" deceased?!
A beloved husband murdered out in the streets?!
A hard-fought, self-taught legacy
With NO entourage, NO "dream team" or big money bags 
Supporting ME!!!

Just a lone soldier...soulja...SOL-JAH 
Doing what SHE does and being who SHE be
With her heart and her faith her only shield
And she walks like a giant in every field

Just watch....the walk.

Not clout.  Not status.  Not myr name on a street.
My prized possesion?
A camera older than me
Reminding me why pictures are so important.
Memories in clear view of those who really cared.
And care.
EYE see and hear them everywhere.
Like the movements of Planets
That guide my steps even now

And EYE am not here to show YOU how
To show ME how

And whoever learns from the journey 
Is my present to us both

And THIS is how a divine child
Is woken up by her divine folks
At 5 in the morn
With a word being born
And serving coffee

Just like her Daddy likes it.

Strong, Black and Aromatic 
Or was that Aramaic? 
Dimensional translations sometimes be a bit faded.
But the FEELING is never confused
Which is where many lose
Their sight
And can't see....anything
Including themselves.

And then EYE felt Mom's hug so loving and true
Whispering, "But what does any of that have to do with YOU?"

"Wake up, Daughter.  And do what YOU do."

At 5 in the morn!
And EYE wrote all of THIS!
Could YOU?!!!

And if a picture is worth a thousand words,
Then behold one of the GREATEST wordsmiths
Of ALL times

ONE who, not only speaks, but LIVES in and thru her lines.

And she needs not a blunt or a bottle or a drug or a fan
To do it this time.

She just wakes up naturally
And breathes

And writes.


Now trip on THAT!!






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