We "compare" and "compete" far too often without truly understanding WHY it's shameful to walk in someone's shoes when you don't even KNOW the walk, the decades of trials and tribulations of the journey NOR how much those goddamn shoes COST to wear 'em. Maybe one day my so-called "sisters and brothers" will support me as much as the others because love without reciprocity is not business -- good or otherwise; it's a lesson for growing and going beyond boundaries, colors and lack.

Why you see me; why you don't. Integrity, actual experience and common sense matter. That's why kids or cons with no proper education and training are NEVER good at leading corporations or businesses...or anything else for that matter.

Pros deal with pros. Still waiting on "freebies" unearned except within your own head? YOU got some lessons coming...that are clearly needed. And EYE have been taught by myself, my Higher Self and the "Others" to mind my OWN business....FIRST. #TheTrueWorth #InnerValidationAndManifestation

Welcome to the (r)Evolution. It's called "accountability." And it shows thru your actions; NOT just your words.

Magic is only an illusion when you look to someone else to do for you what YOU should be doing for you. No time for past mistakes resurfacing or repeating vicious cycles. That, my friends, is NOT "growth"...nor is it "love." That's failed programming. And some of us just DON'T roll that way. AKA even Noah knew when to close the Ark door.

Quantum leaps versus endless loops.
Live, learn...or LOSE. #TheGift 💦💦



07/17/2017 5:03am

I totally agree with you. Being compared to someone is one of the worst feeling ever. We should not compare people. It is hurtful for our sense of self-worth. It also does no good. We must accept the fact that each person is unique in their own way. We don't need to compare one another.

09/04/2017 2:10am

I agree with this article, I think it's time to shop comparing each other and time to treat each other the same thing. Comparing anyone to other people will affect their perspective on their lives. They will lose their self-confidence, because of the difference of the other people. People is not the same, we all have some different characteristics that will make other people recognize us the way we normally are. Thanks for sharing this article to us, I hope many people will read this and be a lesson to many people around the world.


Having that cup in the morning makes my day.


Indeed, stop comparing as everything has its own uniqueness.


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