GREAT MORNIN' BELOVEDS!  Sooooo THIS is my "look" of "conflict resolution counsel" with DAD and MOM and the Galactic Federation. It's the look of..."REALLLY?! IS THIS A JOKE?!" (because, like me, along with a serious sense of honor, THEEy have an IMMENSE sense of humor....twisted humor)

See...."Lilith" showed up too. Of course! Shadow integration intact with an eye also on the "twisted view." Bantu knots released so my antennae can breeeeathe and BE...free. Getting all this intel and confirms of what IS and isn't to BE. And....

WE....are being told to do something we don't know if we really want to...(faces and places and choices different; embrace my OWN brilliance; resilience comes from within; let the new journey begin and FUKK THAT MADNESS THO)

As well, WE are also being told to NOT do something that we would normally do in the past. But pasts don't last unless you bring them into your future. (No wine to swine; no pearls to hogs. No giving priority to what is NOT your world. No dismissing that YOUR life and YOUR needs matter TOO. No more jumping on the cross. NO!!!) 

Trust...I/WE see the benefit of the wisdom and orders. And THEEy know THEEir daughter. We've been here before. We've ALL been here before. The difference.......and the similarities...are alarming...and yet not.
What happens when lessons go unlearned? #Revelations #BeautifulChaos #Evolution

Change is not always pretty. The biggest changes are indeed NOT. Lots of folks in denial about that but that's THEIR issue. Just having my OWN issues "not controlling" the destiny..and letting free will be free...and learning what it all means to ME. And knowing it will ALL be what it BE. #DestinyRegardless

"Non-violation" is the MAIN ORDER GIVEN FROM UP HIGH. Sometimes what IS is what's NEEDED to force the change to come through. Like manure does to crops. Some can't see the beauty...til it rises up out of all that shit it's under.

Back to me....because it IS my story (and maybe a few of yours too. But back to what I know is true...for me...) Sooooo THEEy are reminding me in my "timeout" that it's more like a "time in." "See those projects and gifts WE gave you...for YOU? GO WORK ON THOSE! (Side note: I do have a small tendency to "buck authority." But only when I'm given orders I don't innerstand completely. It's a Lilith thing. THEEy innerstand. I needed that "energy" to balance the BS on the journey of brilliance. But back to THEE Parents...)

And THEEy said about my new/old gifts: "Trust...it'll be different this time. This time....your soul family will bring gifts and gold and food for YOUR table as well. There will be no lack in YOUR Queendom. ALL will shine...and YOU....no less than them. Go to the light of love, little ONE. And release the rest.....to US."

Military Brats can be so "goddamn hands on!"  #HOOAH

BUT I GET IT!! (Do YOU?) Yes...a Daughter is sooooo LOVED. Soooo hard-headed too. (They call me Lilith. Do YO research, hoes! Or just experience the experience...depending on YOUR "experience.")

And this morning.....I am being a GOoD daughter and being...."obedient." Comic upload AND "Universal timeout" at the same damn time tho. I get it. But daaaaaaaamn. The things I COULD say and do.........

But does it EVER matter?!! (And there we have the moral and the MEssage for today.)

Never did like circuses though. So why stick around to clean up elephant shit? Gotta go. GREAT "fresh air and ink" coming up soon. Oh wait.... Upon reading back for errors, I realize THIS is the "fresh ink." Freestyled too. Well...BLAM!!!!!!!!  #BitchPudding

In between time, enjoy your day. Don't let the devil still or steal your joy. Tell that muthafucka to KICK ROCKS, MAGGOT. I got the "voodoo gun" charged up and I got JOY JOY JOY JOY DOWN IN MY HEART!! 😎 

Nah really......just saying and keeping it 100 to the "viruses:" YOU looking at ME while you NEED to be looking UP...and DOWN....and ALL around....and INSIDE YOURSELF.....where the biggest blessing or destruction will be felt.

But hey....this could just all be an elaborate story from the mind of an ole Piscean hippie broadcaster and writer. Guess you'll just have to figure that one out on your own. (Damn...that was soooo ORACLE right there! LOL)


*follow the journey: www.youtube.com/valjonesdaoracle

MEssage: I "DON'T" do this for the city...the entourages...the poets...the artists...the wannabes...the never gonnabes...the copy cats....the politicians...the religious fanatics....the "stuck on stupid" ones...the always wanna fight ones...the loud just to be loud ones....the "your clique better than mine" ones...or ANY of these folks who don't sign MY check or feed ME soup or nurture MY soul or help heal MY heart.

I do this for the person who works the hardest in my life --ME! And, in the process, I symbiotically do this for the remnant who KNOW that WE are "different" and don't fit in the constraints of mediocrity and societal "sameness." WE are NOT "you" (whoever YOU are...which IS the biggest question, isn't it?!) WE have NEVER been "you." And WE don't WANT to be YOU....although many of you soooo pretend to be US. Interesting.....and yet sooo not.

I do this for the ones who struggle with their sanity and heart EVERY day in an insane and heartless world. I do this for the one who actually DO the "right" thing...and still get constantly "wrong" and slighted and abused. I do this for the ART that is missing when artists think more about fame and getting their "fuck" on rather than building up their craft and respecting the very pioneers that opened the door for them to be as "ignorant" and "arrogant" as they wanna be. Freedom and free will. Sometimes an interesting dichotomy.

I do this for the ones of go it ALONE...no to very minimal support and NO sponsor or "fam" or anyone to fall back on. And YET, we somehow manage to make the "miracle" look EASY and still survive...perhaps to find this time, THIS moment, THIS SECOND to innerstand that EVERY thing you've ever gone thru has led you to RIGHT NOW....and a clarity like you've never had before AS WELL AS to the very ones you find "kinship" and "alignment" with. YOUR "soul tribe."

I DON'T DO THIS FOR OTHERS! I DO THIS FOR ME. Your life is like your heartbeat. It's personal. And when it stops, it doesn't matter what others do or don't do. THAT'S THE END OF YOUR BEAT. So I do this for ME...and MY "beat." Personal like MY story! Personal like MY walk (do you SEE anyone carrying ME?! And do you see me waiting for that to happen?! Queens just don't sit and wait. We MOVE.). Personal like the air I breathe. And if my breath just so happens to "resuscitate" someone else in the process that was in severe need of FRESH AIR and a clearer perspective, then I know MY "ultimate" mission to pass a little of me on to someone who deserves and appreciates it has been accomplished.

Oh yeah...I DO "do this" for the brilliant babies coming up so they can see themselves in a better future. Somebody got to while everybody else "stunting!" (Babies are smarter than most adults I know.)

Most "movement" are like the Hebrews walking around in the same circles for 40 years and STILL never getting to the "promised land." (Let that energy just "die out," said Daddy. Got it.)

Cities come and go. People come and go. Zipcodes are just numbers that mean absolutely NOTHING in the greater cosmos and planetary alignment. And people who can't raise themselves up will NEVER be able to raise YOU up. #SaveYourselfFirst

Freeing MY mind...MY heart...MY soul...and MY art...FIRST. And just unlocked someone else's chains at the same time.

NOW THAT'S HOW TO CELEBRATE INDEPENDENCE! Please don't ask me to unlock chains that I already have. Even Harriet Tubman said, "Ya know what? Not revisiting THIS BS anymore. Moving ON. Have fun waiting for your next savior.

Feeling soooo much better. I'm sure my "independence speech" will not resonated with many. But then again, ask me do I care? Or more importantly, ask me WHY should I care?! And there be the story and the MEssage for ALL.

If the truth shall set you free, then I supposed I just did another "Harriet Tubman." Ahhh, but the age-old dilemma. Could have free soooo many more...if they didn't choose to be slaves. And THAT, my friend, is NOT my problem, my passion nor my purpose. I'm just a "breath of freedom" passing through.

What or WHO do YOU need to free yourselves from to enjoy a better life for YOU?!


Waking up
Seeing the Sun
The One
That brings the first shine
The first smile
To my face
Greets me in love
While I greet him in grace
Moments like these
We cherish and don’t waste
As I take my first breath
Manufactured by my ethereal self
Heaven’s gates open
To begin the day
With you

And before I start
Like fresh coffee
Pouring from my heart
I let it pflow
My admiration
My adoration
My salvation
From the darkest of my dark inner soul
The bad and the bold
Shadow integration
In full view
The immovable object
And the unstoppable force
Finds themselves as 2
On the same course
Face to face

What will happen next
It’s anyone’s guess
But oh the journey in infitite space

And the beauty
And the fear
Of the unknown and known

Roaming……no more
Just letting….it….BE
Naturally Eden

When you’ve been from home
For so long
You forget where
You do or you don’t belong

Until you find
The immovable object
On your path

And you start to remember
And recalculate the math
And the course

And suddenly the unstoppable force
It hasn’t stopped…….

It just found home…….again

And sees herself
Through different eyes


*2016 Val Jones


By Val Jones (4/26/2016)

Today...EYE felt..."heaven."

Oh, there are MANY levels.

This is just the FIRST.

And EYE saw it.

But most importantly, EYE "FELT" IT.

The true community...and unity.

The ones who got ME.

My angels…..

Guarding me as EYE sleep...

because they know to teach and reach...

you must first have some "up" time.

Pardon me if "normal grammatical rules"

I don't apply this time

I find it so hard

To stay within lines

When it really doesn't matter

It's the thought

Not the trend

That counts

Speaking of counting

Like the crows on my path

EYE am starting to realize the math

Or more so "sacred geometry"

That ALL of this is supposed to be

And EYE can see it clearly

From my throne

My home

As EYE see my karma greeting me

And it is saying so graciously

"Sista...Mama...Queen...Star…you GOOD?"

And they MEAN it.

And SHOW it.

And most importantly EYE/I KNOW IT


What a month! What a last 7 days.

It's been like the CRAZE

And "Uptime." is definitely needed

And seeded

And heeded

EYE'll be moving UP now.

Oh...we don't call it "downtime" here.

We "get down" and we "do it on the downbeat,"

But NOT on the "down low"

And we all about the up and out

On this new level beat.

And some things we can never ever repeat

As some things we just ain't "down" with.

But was EYE ever?!

Why do you think it's called "heaven?"

Because it's ALL treats and no tricks.

'Cuz NONE of us believe in THAT shit

In MY "community"

Where ALL of the angels shine in unity

While shaking our heads at the grave insanity

The jealousy

The mockery


Money...and attention...and fame

If all you got out of his name

Was "diamonds and pearls"

And fish

Then YOU missed the message

And the gift

And no, EYE am not just talking

About HIM

But it's no myth

That in the past 5 days

Can it be a coincidence

That we both saw heaven


And shared a connective cry

That even in pain and grief

Nothing will stop our rise

And the ability to hear AND see

And FEEL with the 3rd eye

That WE am blessed

And WE can rest

Because WE am LOVED

And that's just the end of this story

And the beginning of another journey

Peace out

(Pt. 2…..next page)

Tiz IS the blessing

As well as the lesson

And now....

My lesson is knowing on THIS level

When to get some sleep

So EYE can be around to enjoy my treats

But EYE guess EYE needed to see just the right peeps

In these crazy times

That would reciprocate in love

Showing me EYE would be fine

And to just let it be what it be

Where the light don't shine

And just keep reaching for MY heaven...


Oh yeah...it's National Poetry Month

How's this for a rhyme?

EYE think EYE call it

Amethyst Spirit

For obvious reasons

Says the one born on February 29.

We "different ones and beautiful ones" tho.


~ Val Jones


No doubt my FAV day of Kwanzaa. Giving thanks for my wONEderFULLY
Divine Parents for giving me the name AND the spirit to always fall back on when times get tougher than impossible.

OH PLEASE UNDER/INNERSTAND that REAL "faith" is something that comes from within...not without. So if you don't have natural access to it, you can pray til the cows come home...but nothing ain't gonna happen...until you recognize.....YOU.

Or maybe that's just MY story.

2015 was perhaps the worst/best year of my life! And during this year, I found MY walk...MY balance...and found ME...again.

2016 will be an even MORE personal walk. Personal...AND UnIversal. Restoring my fragmented pieces and upgrading MY matrix. It's a NEW YEAR. Time to do some more NEW things...in NEW places...with NEW faces.

After all, that's what change and evolution is about: GROWTH.

Channeling the GOD/DESS in me and releasing the devils in others. Don't bring people's baggage on your path who never belonged on your path anyway. Their lessons are not YOURS to learn! And while YOU were a lesson for THEM, sometimes they are merely "tests" for YOU to stay focused and put your faith to practice and not mere lip service!

STOP waiting on a miracle while still embracing a tragedy. SAVE YOURSELF! Learn YOUR lessons. Do better math. Change the equations for a productive sum. And kick that "minus shit" to the curve.

Look at people by their inner spirits...not their outer statuses or labels. Hear the talk, if you want. But LISTEN to the "walk."

And if ya can't, well the ONLY thing I got for you is a prayer...and I gotta keep moving. Very important things to do...for MYSELF and my own movement! #TEAMFAITH

Kinda loving this "harvest" thing where I actually get fed on EVERY level and reap the benefits FIRST from my work and planting. Funny...it's nothing I didn't already know. I just had to be reminded of who was who...and who wasn't. But mainly....GODDESS had to recognize SELF without seeing me through the limited eyes and minds of others!

And it's all GOoD. Revelations usually are. #truth


FAITH ORACLE....rebooting and upgrading.



Tiz the season for HAPPY thoughts.  YES, there is drama in the world.  YES, there is pain in the world.  Been there; suffered a LOT already.  YES, a global awareness is needed.  

And YES...the EARTH is working it out...HERSELF, revealing and cleansing EVERY foul spirit to Nature.  #Nibiru  #Shiva  #Revelations

That being said.....as a "Divine Daughter" of the MOST HIGH, heed this:
Whether you know me or not....WHEN your FIRST contact in "introducing" yourself to MY "elevated vibration" is speaking "destruction" and "drama" without even as much as a greeting or gift, you can be SURE that EYE will kick you OUT my vibration.  House Rules.  #doubleentendreintended

CHOICE:  Everybody has one...designed to THEIR spirit.  Choosing Shiva The Creator.  Not Shiva The Destroyer.  FEELING the need to FEEL something different that FEELS GOoD.  And when you find your personal joy and Divine peace, WHO would want to destroy THAT?!

Point and double entendre intended.  #answeriswithinthequestion

"Shiva the Creative Goddess" is CHOOSING to BE BLACK, BRILLIANT AND BE-YOU-TO-FULL while embracing and emitting peace, love, lessons, truth and reality....with a taste of humor and "swerve."

And anyone who has a problem with you naturally shining and being happy in YOUR natural habitat is a Cain...waiting to pull that same move again.  #colornotspecific

P.S.  Law of Attraction says you attract what you are.  And you repel what you're not.

In the words of the great Buddha:  "Bitch...Don't Kill My Vibe!"



TIZ THE SEASON!!  That "bi-polar" energy of great joy AND great pain that can get you caught up in either too much sunshine or too much rain.  BALANCE.  That's the key. BALANCE...in ALL things.  BALANCE.  And it seems the Earth, HERSELF, is working it out NATURALLY.

Sometimes people forget we are ALL "immigrants" on this wonderful "ark in space."  Even those of us who were here FIRST forget.  Remembering tho...

Soooo....tiz the season of life hacks, reboots and restoration.  Still vibing on the "temp" computer while waiting for my personal Christmas gift (a "highly suggestive"  purchase forcibly encouraged by the Divine "Torus" flow)...and still rebooting and restoring for a glorious New Year.

IS IT ME?!  Or did Mercury in Retrograde (which is actually supposed to come the 1st week in January) feel like it came last week?!  EYE keep telling folks that time is moving FASTER!  If you ask some of your TOP scientists who are not afraid to tell the truth, THEY will tell you the same!  But EYE digress.....

Soooo.....things should be on point and even BETTER next week.  Taking on NO additional drama or draining energy.  Tiz NOT the season for THAT!  STUFF IS HAPPENING, GOoD PEOPLE!  If YOU are not tuned into your natural "bliss," then that means you are tuned into someone else's unnatural "bullshit."  AND WHO WANTS STINKY FAKE MANURE UNDER THEIR HOLLY TREE?!!  (Fake fertilization days are OVER, yo!  Time to GROW out the muck and evolve into the light!)

That being said.....EYE'm just gonna balance between play and making money...and see where this refreshing (k)NEW flow takes me.  Thanks for the "push," Divine Mom and Dad.  EYE obviously needed it!  Got stuck in "safe mode" and allowed waaaay too many viruses in my system and matrix.


RECOVERY in operation.  REBOOT is going beautifully.  RESTORATION is feeling wONEderFULL.  And EYE'm just passing on the vibration to someone who may be going thru the same thing and feeling alone and scared.  

It's okay.  You're not alone.  Take it from ones who knows.  Don't look OUT to look up.  Look IN..to find YOUR support.  



Apologies in advance for the length.  But before EYE move forward…just an observation:

And this is not to knock anyone's personal protest.  Do what's sincerely in your heart...emphasis on "sincerely." EYE just want to address a few things EYE see publicly that confuse me…or not.

As a child of GOD who was born initially loving all things and praying for all people until actions and reactions called for a little more "discernment," I have grown to realize what a convenient "propaganda-type" some things can become for "some" who want to show the world how "compassionate" they are about the rest of the world.  YET, some of these same people are the very ones who won't lift a finger to support locally those who have supported them time and time AND TIME again.  

And even sadder when the true supporters realize that the ones who ended up needing support the MOST and getting it the LEAST is themselves….because nothing from nothing leaves nothing. Lost lambs always "crucify" the shepherd that really cares.  And planting in barren field lead to no crops at worst; seedless crops at best.

IJS….if you don't see me on a "world protest" or public "symbolic gesture" of peace, it is just that this is something EYE have been doing ALL my life, in some form or fashion.  Check the records, roll the tape, peruse the pics…and the proof is in the pudding for those not "mindblind" or "ego-sensitive."  YET, again the observation that some care soooo much for folks they don't know who have NEVER done ANYTHING for them more than the ones in front of their faces who have tried to do EVERYTHING for them leaves an Oracle a bit…."miffed and amused" at the same time.

Observation:  Some would rather feign "showing" than actually "doing"….like that's gonna make a real difference.  That's like expecting to buy real diamonds with fake money.  Or trying to fool GOD (in whatever form you choose to worship).

That's why I'm just gonna drop my "peace" and put it ALL on the table:  EYE  can't do fakes nor do EYE do "bandwagon causes!"  EYE won't pretend…and don't feel the need to take on the world's problems when no one is taking on mine but me.  REAL TALK!

So, EYE protest in private (sort of), putting my activism into my art on a daily basis as opposed to when it's trendy or "media-induced"…and EYE publicly "pray" for myself EVERY day…because if "EYE" live long and prosper...or at least live one more day, that will inspire, not only ME, but at least ONE soul who's been following my steps, watching my walk, listening to my words and SEEING my struggle and "triumph" and inspired by MY journey and actions.

And that ONE sincere person who will actually DO at least ONE sincere thing in their life is worth more to me than a million fake souls who will be "all over" whatever is the "flava cause of the day" in less than a week and on to the next "trendy" thing....

....because the masses are primarily followers; not fighters.  Just think if everyone fought so hard to make their OWN lives "right."  What a BE-YOU-TO-FULL thing that would be.  But that's just common sense in "OracleWorld."  Apparently it's something else in "Bizarro World."  

LIFE…is not a "trend."  It is meant to be lived out loud and enjoyed by all.  ALL LIVES MATTER.  And that includes mine as well.  So excuse me (or not) if EYE pass on certain protests and so-called "movements" as EYE have something more precedent knocking on my door.  It's called "personal evolution."  And I'm trying to elevate MY condition from the inside out.  Yes, it takes more work…more sincerity…more discipline…more determination…and gets less recognition and respect than a hobo with a sign saying "The World Is Coming To An End."

But in the bigger scheme of things, it's the MOST important thing you can do in your entire existence:  To actually practice what you preach on a DAILY basis.

Now go and tell your ministers to drop THAT in the morning sermon!  

P.S.  EYE just gave you that extra shot of coffee and wake up call for FREE.  And yet, you'll pay "Minister Moneybags" your "tithes" for "selling souls" while still trashing my opinion and denying that EYE was there (emphasis on "was"….journeys are meant to keep moving, not drown in stagnation and drain) and blaming ME because you don't understand (or say you don't understand) my walk.

Hmmm….who's looking and sounding more like "Jesus" now?  IJS….



GOoD MORNING U-N-EYE-VERSE! It's a BE-YOU-TO-FULL thing to have the Sun shine inside AND outside your soul. Nothing like having pieces fall together in place exactly how you would like 'em to be....and you didn't even have to "force" it; it just happens NATURALLY.

Ahhh...but YOU helped tho! See...it's YOUR "natural" energy that creates your "heaven" or your "hell." And the attracted "energies" that you choose to embrace can either infuse or diffuse your state of BEing.


Hmmm....some of you "sideline haters" tho. And for ALL I/EYE have been through...even MY attempts to help YOU?! Wow. Awakening moment...and realization. Lessons AND Blessings...and ALL a part of the much bigger picture and greater plan. AND EYE GET IT!!!!! Of course EYE do. EYE'M DA "ORACLE!" Plus, it all helps me to find and connect with even deeper layers of myself and gives me such wonderful fuel to write about. #TheSoulJahGiveThanks

P.S. "GOD" is something you gotta LIVE, not just "preach" about. But EYE guess it takes one to KNOW "ONE." #DoubleEntendreIntended

It's a BE-YOU-TO-FULL day...should YOU choose to "accept" the mission. Go make a hater mad and do something "WONDERFULLY IMPOSSIBLE" and enjoy YOUR life! <3



Addressing "shared mediocrity" and why I/EYE don't subscribe:

Some folks say we ALL put our pants on the same way. But we don't. Some folks don't have pants. Some folks don't have legs. Some folks see other folks with the pants on and don't know where the pants came from, how much those pants cost OR how difficult it it to maneuver depending on your personal circumstance and condition.

IJS.....Some folks don't know squat. NOR CAN "SQUAT!" And feel "unfounded comparisons" gives them an excuse to lessen others' journeys and put their "mediocrity" on the same playing field with those who strive to do their best and shine regardless.

But query??? If we all don't look alike and think alike, if we don't have the same knowledge or operate in the same fashion or frequency, I'd hardly think we put our pants on the same way. Metaphorically speaking.

Or maybe I'm just different. #doubleentendreintended.