Depression.  It's such an insidious beast.  It creeps up on you when you least expected it.  It stays with you like an unbudging "squatter" that has claimed your soul and your spirit as its own.  And it discriminates NOT.  Doesn't matter how rich or how poor...how happy or how sad...how smart or how ignorant.  Depression trumps ALL situations and conditions.  And the ONLY thing to trump IT is to face it head on.

THAT, my friends, is something I didn't do for YEARS.  Decades even.  When Daddy died in '74, I didn't cry.  When Mom died in '84, I didn't cry. HOW does an "only child" who loved her Parents immensely NOT do that?!  Ask any military brat.  It's something in the DNA and training.

However, when Baker died (murdered) on Nov. 2, 2007, I cried so much that I thought I wouldn't STOP crying.  Of course, NOT in public.  Soldiers/Souljahs just don't DO that if we can help it.  But maaaaaaan....did I cry!  Like I was making up for lost time and hidden emotions.  In fact, I think I only STOPPED crying maybe a year ago.  That Process Tho!

FIRST...I had to finally admit that I HAD "depression."  Don't get it twisted.  It's as big of a killer and just as deadly as cancer.  Ask someone who REALLY knows!  THEN I had to STOP feeling guilty for something I didn't do nor had any control over...which is a hard to nearly impossible thing for a "control freak."  

THEN, I had to take a CLEAR assessment of my life and the "energies" surrounding me.  Was I surrounding myself with energies I could heal and grow from...or "like-minded" energies who were suffering like I was?  Where these energies "benefiting" ME...or just draining me due to my compassion and empathy?  While I was busy trying to deal with others' pains and struggles, WHO was really dealing with MINE?!  Was I even dealing with mine?!

Strong in public...broken down in private...did anyone REALLY care what I was going through?!  Or was the easy-to-say-but-not-to-do words of "You'll get over it in time" supposed to be the right penny in my gumball machine of pain to help me start blowing bubbles again?!

Guess what?!  Those who don't KNOW will NEVER know til it hits THEM.  THAT is how personal "depression" is.  And indescribable!  And all the praying in the world will NEVER remove it until and unless YOU are ready to make some changes in your own life.  That has far more to do with YOU than anything outside of you (and why you've got so many so-called "Christians" still putting on massive airs like they're happy when they are some of the most miserable lying sons-of-bitches on the planet...because they're waiting on the "Lawd" to do something THEY need to do....DEAL WITH IT!)

All that said and done, I've been "super busy" over the last few days.  But I've also been struggling with my energy.  WHY am I not sleeping?  WHY am I so tired?  WHY do I feel like I'm spinning in my tracks?  Why am I dancing ONE minute...then drained the next?!  After such a banner couple of weeks...months...Summer...WHY do I feel like a Maserati being constantly driven in 2nd gear for the past 5 days?!!

Then it hit me.....what I had almost made myself forget.  But then again, your subconscious ALWAYS remembers....whether YOU choose to outwardly admit it or not.   Damn.  I've been kissing Bake's picture with joy and a laughing about the positive changes going on in my life for the last several days every time I wake up in the morn.

Repeating (to myself for clarity to acknowledge the subconscious jedi-mindtrick):  I've been kissing Bake's picture with joy and a laughing about the positive changes going on in my life for the last several days every time I wake up in the morn.  Damn.  #gotme

Depression is an insidious beast.  It can mask as something else. But at the end of the day, it's still depression.  And it's an ongoing fight to keep it at check.  Luckily, I become a better warrior and an even better "liver of life."

So, if I don't see you...engage in YOUR problems or issues...don't appear like I'm trying to save the world or the music industry...or just don't give a f*kk about things that don't pertain personally to MY and MY growth and happiness and spend more time sipping my coffee in private peace rather than "turning up" with crazy crowds with issues, don't take it personal.  It's just that I've got "bigger fish to fry" in my own life.  And this depression thing is like a big "catfish from hell."  Even when it's frying, it's not dying.

But that doesn't mean I have to eat it though.  ;-)



The best and the sad thing about when you find YOUR "pflow".....

1)  You recognize what makes YOU happy...and why that matters more than anything.

2)  You recognize who is supposed to be with you on your journey(s)...and you look forward to the new energy you're about to meet.

3)  You recognize who is NOT supposed to be with you on the new journey(s).  But you give thanks for lessons learned and looking forward to the new energy you've earned from moving forward.  #harvest

4)  You realize some things will NEVER be the same.  But that's life...and life ALWAYS changes.  It's death that doesn't.  #doubleentendreintended

5)  You learn to live and love unapologetically.  If Black Lives Matter, then so does YOURS.  Live it like it does...and see what happens next.  #lawofattraction

Just sharing the coffee.  Sip on that.  GOoD MORNING U-N-EYE-VERSE!!



GOoD MORNING U-N-EYE-VERSE!  A very special "Hump Day Greeting" from Da Oracle.

To my "true blue friends" -- the ones who stick with you thru thick and thin...the ones whose resilience and brilliance are mirrored by my own.  EYE LOVE YOU DEARLY!  YOU are amazing.  WE ARE AMAZING!  We smile...we walk...we talk...we go through our lives and about our way with some of the most incredible passion for life that many can only hope to speak about.

WE let those "infirmities" and illnesses that would flatten a raging bull PUSH us to go beyond the pain and any doctor's "assumption" or naysayer's limited "understanding" of what our quality of life should be...and WE take charged and MAKE it BE what WE want it to BE.

WE are the "textbook anomalies" they can't figure out and do studies about.  But DON'T let them do a study on YOU.  You already know if they don't "understand it," they attempt to dissect and destroy to fit their own imperfections of insecurity.  And if you're like ME, ain't NOBODY got time for THAT.

WE, according to the "books," maybe be suffering from something that could take us out TODAY....or propel us to our greatness RIGHT NOW.  WE choose the latter...and live OUR lives fully EACH day, learning (many times the hard yet very REAL way of the world) to do it without depending on anyone but ourselves.  (But isn't THAT who you are SUPPOSED to depend on FIRST?!  Maybe if you didn't give ALL your resources away to barren sources, you've have something to depend and fall back ON when times get lean for YOU?!  Ask me about it sometimes.....or watch my videos and posts).

WE don't just "wait on the Lord" or pray for miracles from sources yet proven nor ask the world to pray for us like the world don't have other problems.  WE LIVE...."BECOME" THE MIRACLE...AND THE "EXAMPLE"...AND TELL THE WORLD, "NOW WATCH THIS."

When "they" tell their "tales," it's called a "testimony."  When WE tell OUR true stories, it's called "bragging."  Notice how the truth has ALWAYS had a "swagger" about it?!  It's because it IS.....whether folks choose to believe it or not.  And it's because it's impenetrable and impervious to others' assumptions or approval.  It's just.....the WAY WE ROLL!

To my "true blue" friends who are going thru sooooo much right now....YET you are making some of the most amazing things happen IN your time WITH your time, let me say THIS:  DO NOT GET DISTRACTED!  DO NOT DESPAIR!  YOUR LIFE WILL BE EXACTLY HOW YOU WANT IT TO BE IF YOU FOCUS FOR ONCE IN YOUR LIFE ON YOUR OWN HAPPINESS!!  Your "true" friends will "get it"....because the "Law Of Attraction" suggests they going through the same thing.  

And as much as some of you look to ME for inspiration, EYE/I am truly inspired and uplifted by some of YOU.  It's what WE do.  

And KNOW this:  Many "speak" it and "preach it"....but they NEVER DO IT.  THAT would take a "personal strength" like no other. And is far more easier SAID than done.  But let's be perfectly honest:  Folks can fake that shit on Facebook, but REAL LIFE is another thing.  (Listen to their "actions," not just their words.)

As I told a friend last night, if I die tomorrow, I'm gonna be doing exactly what I want and WHO I want to do it with TODAY!  We're ALL gonna die.  Not meaning to sound morbid...it's a fact...and the recycling continuity of living.

But if you're so focused on preparing for your death or so concerned with making the world your bitch, WHEN will you start to LIVE?!  FUCK casket flowers and tears!  FUCK "temporary fame."  Going for MY "heaven" and "fabulous" NOW.

And the rest will take care of itself....just like WE take care of OURSELVES!  The few...the fierce...the resilient...the brilliant...the inspiring...the untiring...the REAL.  WE make the BIGGEST struggles look easy...and the smallest things look amazing.

But isn't that what REAL "Souljahs" are supposed to do?!  And EYE/I would KNOW.  EYE/I am a BRAT!

And BRATS don't quit....unless the shit ain't worth it. And LIFE...and the quality of it and peace of it all will ALWAYS be worth it.

And if that's TOO MUCH ATTITUDE for some of YOU....don't care.  This message wasn't FOR you.  Then again....maybe it was.

So to all my "true blue" who are going through some of the most incredible "transformations" and "tests" like you've never had before:  Don't worry....it's just our bodies and spirits preparing for the "Universal shift" that is occurring.  And from one who has went from "nothing" to "everything" in less than a year, "transcending" before I thoroughly enjoy my "harvest" is just out the question!  EYE'M COMET-SWERVING, BABY!!  (Drama-swerving TOO!  ;-)  )

So, let this burst of resilient energy and healing light of love hit YOU where YOU need to be hit at.  Release your burdens of others and saving the world....and save yourself!  LOVE YOURSELF!!  <3 <3 <3 

And know, if YOU don't "live YOUR life," somebody else out there will make a feeble attempt to.  And that's just NOT "natural."  IJS...



by Val Jones 

With fervent hearts we pray
For you Zeta each day 
You’ve always stood for the right 
Rather than for the might…

That when you see me decked out in all my royalness 
Of elegant Blue and White 
With visions of finer womanhood 
Dancing thru my dreams every night 
The baddest and finest brothas there could ever be 
All decked out in their royal blue and white 
Just like me 
That’s why we are called the “true family” 
For we were the first constitutionally bonded 
Brother and sister Greek fraternity/sorority

And even though Greek letters 
You see upon our crest and chest 
Know…it ain’t just a Greek thang, baby 
This is a Black thang at its best

Sure we call our council Pan Hellenic 
With names like Alpha and Omega 
Delta, Kappa, Sigma Gamma Rho
And Iota Phi Theta 
Sporting colors, canes and attitudes 
Of camaraderie and competition 
Stepping high and strutting harder 
Than any entertainer you see on television

Still, when you see us on this stage 
Or at any homecoming show 
Know…it ain’t just a Greek thang, baby 
This is a Black thang, you know

So much soul, everybody wants to be me 
I’m so “icey,” that to touch me would cause you to freeze

Hold up…you’ll be getting more of that later on in the show 
But first let me drop something on you I bet you didn’t know... 
Here’s a little history on this mystery of being a Black Greek 
And before I’m done, you’ll understand of little more of what I speak 

Greece is known to have an influence on every culture, but did you know… 
That before they became so popular, they went to Africa so very long ago 
And, while in Egypt, they studied and incorporated our language, our culture,
OUR art...
So even though it looks like Greek, it’s really African at heart 
And though the letters may suggest something else 
Take a much closer look and inspection 
At the Sphinx, the Scrolls and Crescents 
That you see in many a Black fraternity and sorority’s collection 
And when it comes to “steppin’ “ I shouldn’t even have to explain 
For the way we move and the way we groove 
You know that’s gotta be a Black thang

The combination of African beats, chants and tribal dance 
Definitely shows signs from the motherland 
And with rhythms that could move mountains and masses 
No, Greece is NOT where this began
From African armies to American slaves 
And Black railroad workers who tried to dance away the pain 
From the South African boot dance to the Sigma Nut-Cracker 
Steppin’ has always been a part of our thang

So, just when did the evolution of Greek stepping begin? 
Hard to say …but from the stories I am told 
The first fraternities ever to throw down in the quad 
Wore the colors of Blue and White and Purple and Gold 
And from steppin in quads to communities at large 
We spread the positive message of unity 
Helping all our young brothers and sisters 
So, they can realize they CAN be all they can be

So to all my Black Greeks who know what I speak 
Wear your colors and your letters with pride 
Spread the love, spread the wealth, spread the knowledge of self 
And a big shout to the “Divine Nine” 
Alpha Phi Alpha, Alpha Kappa Alpha, and Delta Sigma Theta 
Omega Psi Phi, Kappa Alpha Psi, and the brothas of Iota Phi Theta 
Hats off to the ladies of Sigma Gamma Rho 
And much luv to my brothas of Phi Beta Sigma -- “Blu Phi…You Know!” 
Last but definitely not least 
To my sorors of Z-E-T-A Zeta 
Keep strutting your finer womanhood, ladies,
Like you know there ain’t nothing greater 
And to all…even though it’s Greek letters you see upon our crest and chest 
Don’t get it twisted ‘cuz this spirit, this heritage, 
THIS STOMP is more than a Greek thang
This is a Black thang at its best

©2005 Val Jones

#FlashbackFriday   Sooooo....about that St. Augustine's connection.....
Both me and my BFF majored in Political Science at FSU.  And our class took a bus to Raleigh for a symposium on Politics and Crimonology (or something like that).  WELL, with us BOTH being Pisces...and you know how the Pisces can get distracted (or bored easily), WE decided to stroll the yard.  

WELL...it was "Hell Week" (not like we didn't notice that when we got off the bus.  Pisces notice EVERYTHING...whether we act like we do or not).  And with me being a Zeta and she being a Delta, one thing just led to another...and next thing you know, we're hanging out with frats and sorors on St. Augustine's campus and watching all the step shows.

Sooooo....it was time for the bus to return to FSU.  So what does two Piscean cheerleaders who were always a bit into checking out whatever was REALLY happening do?! WE STAY to watch all the step shows...figuring somehow, someway we'd make it back to Fayetteville.

Long story short....EYE fell MORE in love with my frats of Phi Beta Sigma from St. Aug that night.  Thanks for the ride back home, brothas.  Blue love forever!  <3

It's TRUE.  The Black Greek family IS family...ALL OVER THE WORLD (even if it's not exactly in YOUR city or campus.  IJS... You just gotta know where to look.)

Side note:  EYE married a man from St. Aug.  Yup...that was Baker's alma mater.

Side note:  At a basketball tourney, EYE was seated by this wonderful young man who EYE had struck up a wonderful convo with.  We laughed, joked, talked about the other teams and such...and EYE went off into this tangent about how EYE could not STAND St. Aug's basketball coach.  LONG STORY SHORT:  Game time...Broncos against St. Aug...Player introduction...the guy EYE was talking to...WAS THE COACH'S SON -- HARVEY HEARTLEY JR!  And he just looked at me and smiled.  #mouthdrops

GOoD TIMES...GOoD TIMES!!  *as she sips coffee and sings "So Hard To Be a Brooooncooooo....."   #actuallyitsNOT



You can't share what you don't have...and you can't feed where you're starving. So it just makes SENSE (and cents) to go where the food IS and not where it's not.

IJS....when cars need gas, they don't go to empty tanks. And when flights need fuel, they don't fly on promises.

This smile is NOT from "hoping"..."wishing"...and "waiting"...nor merely "praying" for a miracle. THIS smile is from BEing the "miracle and DOING, recognizing past errors and not repeating them. THIS smile comes from knowing my OWN worth...and not accepting less than it. THIS smile comes from learned lessons and earned blessings...and from making better and smarter moves.

THIS smile is from WORK...and just naturally BEing in the pflow and frequency that is tuned to MY happiness...and not being distracted by anything that would drain instead of add to my gain. THIS smile came out of what was perceived to be "nothing" with my back against the wall and an overwhelming financial, emotional and spiritual dilemma....and ending up being the GREATEST "something" it could ever be.....a catalyst to my growth and evolution and the recognition that EYE can do ANYTHING once EYE set my mind to it.

And most importantly, THIS smile is a representation of WHO and WHAT EYE AM and what my Parents named me, as well as a testament to what they instilled in me: FAITH.

You can't just "believe" in it or "speak" it; you gotta BE it. And there be the difference.

Just showing you MY truth and proof. And once you find something that works for YOU, you stick with it...because what works, WORKS. And what doesn't, DOESN'T. #doubleentendreintended

The FIRST person you owe to be happy...is YOURSELF. That's NOT being "selfish." That's called "doing for SELF." And it just makes sense to do for YOU before you do for everyone else....especially when those bills don't stop and they're in YOUR name.

And the moral of this story is: Secure YOUR plate, YOUR square, YOUR joy, YOUR peace/piece...and the rest will take care of itself.


GOoD MORNING U-N-EYE-VERSE!  Here's a little "coffee" from Da Oracle to sip on:

Yesterday was BE-YOU-TO-FULL...in a variety of ways.  A multitude of people coming together to march and pray for justice is great.  But you know what else is GREATER?!  Using the power of your resources to make justice happen for yourself.

First...numbers are always important.  It's better to have some than none.  HOWEVER, the ONLY numbers that get the attention of the "power-elite" is $$$$$.  They care NOT about your problems...or they would have done something a long time ago.  They don't CARE if what they're doing is right or wrong...or they would have corrected their "wrongs" a long time ago.

And they're constantly writing, re-writing and changing the rules of the laws AND the game...just because they can to KEEP you in the same position they have for hundreds of years.  So you think THOSE people are concerned about all those BE-YOU-TO-FULL faces who came together to march and pray?

REALITY CHECK!!!!!!!!!!!

Was Trump at the march?  Was Alan Greenspan at the march?  Was Warren Buffet at the march?  Were ANY of the top 50 of the wealthiest people in America at the march?!

A grand gesture gets the "mass" attention; but it doesn't get the attention of "massa" (nor big media either #samething).  What DOES get the "power-elite's" attention is when you mess with their money.  Honestly, they could give a shit about a march!  HOWEVER, things really happen...when you shift the money focus!

"Damn Val!  There YOU go again...stirring the waters like Raphael and the ashes like Shiva"  Don't blame me for keeping it REAL; EYE'm just the messenger trying not to get crucified AGAIN for telling you, NOT what you WANT to hear, but rather what you NEED to hear.  

So yesterday was BE-YOU-TO-FULL.  Now WHAT?!

How about WE do BETTER business in our OWN communities...hold ourselves accountable and let our actions match our words...and support each other (especially the ones PROVEN to be WORTHY of support) like we support everyone else.  Tommy Hilfiger or Nike could care less about your plight...as long as they have your money.  Take away those dollars and support some Black entrepreneurs like Stephen Burrows and Nas...and see the REAL magic happen.

Support local entrepreneurs who CONSTANTLY have to go outside their own communities for support to survive because their local communities are always supporting EVERYone else BUT them.  YET, like the whore who longs to be a pimp (or the next HNIC), OUR communities ALWAYS expect a "hook up" or a "hand out" from their best and brightest and HARDEST-WORKING while always hollering some reverse-Jedi "support mantra" that's suppose to "guilt" the Black business and entrepreneurs to suffer and dismiss their own value for the sake of a community that "looks good on camera," but never on paper.

CAN WE KEEP IT 100?!  That is always the BIGGEST problem in any issue...and especially in OUR communities.  TRUTH.  People want solutions; but they don't WANT to be an actual PART of that solution...because BEING a part of change REQUIRES change.  Not just marching; NOT just prayer; CHANGE.

And it's TIME for a change.  In fact, it's happening...whether you're ready for it or not.  The only thing left to be seen....is what side you'll be on.  The side of merely "hoping"...or the side of DOING?

The "Comet Of Change" is approaching rapidly, causing vibrational shifts on EVERY level.  Resist the shift...and you resist evolution.  Don't evolve?  And you'll be "wiped out"...by your own doing (or not doing).

IJS....WE can "make it rain" every week.  NOW let's see if we can make our dollars march TOO.  


An Oracle Story:  NO SHADE ON MY SHINE!

There used to be a time that I would "hold on" to things and people far past the time EYE needed to let them all go....thinking they would "come around" or "change" or show the very thing they're always asking or "expecting" me to do.....be supportive.

....til EYE realized some folks just be fickled, fukked up, fake and jealous for NO reason.  And the fact that they act "pissy" because I don't kiss their butts, entertain their "madness," go along with a "group" that serves ME no good in NO fashion or make their agendas more important than MY own mission, life or chosen profession has so much more to do with themselves and their own insecurities and issues than me.

And that's when I became ONE with my own teaching, realizing lessons are personal...and growth is not always a "group sport."   Still, ALL can (somehow, someway) learn from EVERY experience.  And people can only "wrong" you as much as YOU "allow" it.

Thus, the affirmation of the realization and revelation that you can't pick up YOUR blessings holding a hand full of shit.  And you can't rise to YOUR greatness carrying a whole bunch of baggage...YOURS nor anyone else's.

AND this is something EVERY person who has ever made an EPIC impact on the world has found out...unfortunately in nearly the SAME manner -- the hard way.  Just different faces and places.  Perhaps that's why experience is and shall ALWAYS be the greatest teacher of all.

So, in order to truly move FORWARD and RISE, I "let it go, let it go, let it go" (in my Erykah Badu voice) and washed my hands of the haters, the fakers, the drainers and the "never-gonna-BEs" and ALL the things that brought nothing good to MY pot.  And now I make them pay the "Universal cost" for not realizing the "present" they had in the first place.

And if they don't, it's STILL okay...because you can't miss what you never had.  And you can't go into spiritual and financial debt when you don't deal with drain in the first place.

And either way, folks PAY for what they learn...or don't.  ;-)

And the moral of THIS story is:  Don't keep pouring support into an empty pot with an obvious had a hole in it and planting in barren fields that NEVER yield a harvest.  There's only so much that alchemy one can do.  And while a great prophet supposedly changed water to wine, I have NEVER heard a story about ANYONE changing "piss" into Pinot.  IJS....

Don't hold on to waste, regret and non-productivity.  RELEASE IT!  There's a much bigger world...a much bigger mission...and a much bigger blessing and audience waiting just for YOU.

Proved...Proven...AND Proving!  NO SHADE ON MY SHINE!  I'll bounce it out of my atmosphere like a Serena Williams backhand.  :-D


Got SOUL?!  


"Morning coffee" with Mom. The weather so changeable these days!

And I laugh...to think...I'm just like Mom. Hot and cool at the same time.  I mean, who ELSE can go from 58 to 88 degrees in an unbelievably short time?!  I got a tank top under my turtleneck just because.  #alwaysready

So Nature be changing...just like me.  Fickle? NEVER. Variable? Always.

Ever evolving...and being the ONE constant through all sums.

And always wondering....will mankind learn in time?

With all this talk about CERN and the economic and global destruction that lies ahead, has anyone thought of any other solution other than one that involves "drought" or "dead?!"

I have.  It's called...."FOCUS ON YOUR HAPPY."  Heaven is a place as much as a concept...and a concept as much as a place.  On Earth...as is in Heaven.  It's a walk; not just a talk.  

And if you're going through some hell right now, maybe you're focused on the wrong thing...or the wrong people...or both.  Reassess your math and add a dose of common sense for balance.

But I'm not a paid counselor...yet.  So enjoy the free lesson.  Most life lessons cost.

Anyway, back to MY peace. All's GOoD in my world. Staying focused. New Creation time. Building MY "Ark." And connected to MY "Source." 

Harvest time.

Message.  Drops seed and connects back to Nature.




Going to dance and play in the rain.  Mom's "cleansing" from all this "matter" some folks trying to "frack."  The moment of disCERNment last night when I summed it up so simply and brilliantly in my thoughts.....

OMG!  THEY'RE TRYING TO "SMASH/FUCK" MOM WITH A JACKHAMMER!  Nothing good will come from that!!  And then again....

Karma is an amazing teacher, isn't she?!  Chanting and staying in MY vibrational pflow....'cuz EYE ain't trying to go where they "think" they wanna go.  Tsk Tsk Tsk  The more you know......

That one time too many when you "poke" Mom the wrong way.  Consequences WILL be felt. UNIVERSALLY.  Listening to Daddy say, "Come in the house now, child.  Your Mother and EYE got some business to handle with some crazy folks.  And we want YOU out of the fray and the way."

And you know what?!  NO PROBLEMO!  Obeying without question.  For once, EYE'm just NOT overly curious or interested in watching.  These arrogant assholes don't even KNOW what's coming. "SMASHING MOM?!!"  SERIOUSLY, DUDES?!!!!

#sillyrabbits  #YOUwillNEVERbeGOD/DESS

Sippin' on my coffee and saying...."EYE told ya so."  NEVER fcuk Mother Nature.  She ALWAYS wins...especially when He is always at her side.

A warning from THEEir child.....