That look of "youthful maturity"...ancient and new at the same time. Day gives way to night. Still, the lights and stars shine....and darkness is no longer so dark. The ability to see...and be seen...an encouraging and fulfilling experience.

And it's become more and more obvious (the one thing I've slightly ignored all my life) that I am a "kid magnet." Maybe it's a brat thing. Maybe it's a ME thing. Maybe it's a spiritual thing. But children always see me as a "playmate" and "friend" first...and an authority figure second.

Maybe because I too see what they see: Joyful playful bliss...and the wonders of all things. Some people grow out of that vision. I never did. And children always seem to "connect the dots" with me and sense a "similar spirit." ALWAYS.

Children are a LOT smarter and more perceptive that adults give them to be. Truly they are.

Think the Universe is telling me something...REPEATEDLY SO. It happened this Saturday. AND it happened today at the park. The hugs of random children who seem to always see me as something no one else can see. And once again...and again...AND AGAIN, the confirmation where to focus a lot of my talents on this next journey. Evolution time again. No heaviness or weight on my back. No cities or "movements" to carry. No "other people's problems." This journey is ALL about me. And I'm gonna PLAY like a child. And like a child, I'm gonna sing LOUD and dance in the rain and play in the Sunshine AND enjoy MY "toys." And occasionally, if it makes ME smile too, I'm gonna share my joy AND my stories with my "wee ones" that seem to appreciate my company. They're needing someone to keep it 100 with 'em as well as feel their need to play at the same time. They're looking for someone to play with them AND teach them. And they always seem to look at....ME. Baker always noticed it. And yes, beloved...I heard you whisper this evening, "See?!" Yes...I do.

Looks like.....it's time for "Mama O" to join the "Rappin' Griot" and Da Oracle. Funny...never wanted children. But I always love them dearly (when they act like they've got good sense and a bit of home training). And I always want the best for them. I know....what this world would LIKE to do to them.

But THE MOST HIGH was makes sure there is a balance. ALWAYS. ;-)

P.S. The most innocent and REALEST audience on the planet: a child. Indeed. Many can't entertain the babies...because you can't "fake the funk" with them.

Hmmm....no wonder why they smile when they see me.
Yup. Up for the challenge...and the new journey. ;-)


P.S.S. Oh DON'T think I'm turning into some "fake Pollyana!" The beauty of being an "artist" and versatile is knowing when to "turn it on and off." I know how to talk to kids of ALL ages. I know how to talk to ALL genres. And I'm multi-lingual. I can speak "Rudy Huxtable" or "Rudy Ray Moore" depending on the situation. It's a BE-YOU-TO-FULL thing to naturally "pflow" with any situation. It's a gift. And a blessing. Time to embrace it...for myself. #HavingFunROCKS

That moment when you're really GLAD the folks who are OUT of your life are OUT of your life....so you can actually pay attention to the folks who are SUPPOSED to be in your life without a lot of "cloudiness" blocking YOUR shine or unnecessary distractions that throw you off your path and game.

You know I had this bad habit of trying to save the WORLD...until I had to save MYSELF....BY MYSELF!  Those damn lessons will make you stronger and wiser...OR kill ya!  And I have had too many GREAT influences, teachers and role  models in my corner to allow the latter to happen.  

So the Soldier Girl "rebooted" and reassess and "reviewed" the situation.  THEN, I ACTED according, making the necessary corrections and changes....and just allowed Nature to take its course.  After all, there is NOTHING more natural than NATURE.  And just being YOU.

It's true.  Just stay focused on YOUR grind...and things just work themselves out to your good.  No regrets.  No do-overs.  NO drama!  Life's GREAT!  Not bragging (well, maybe sorta).  Just sharing the lessons...and perhaps showing a few how to "fish" for themselves.

And I'm just warming up.  Keep watching. P.S.  The Law Of Attraction...it WORKS!  But it starts with YOU!  What and who are YOU attracting with YOUR actions and energy?!

And that's when it get REALLY interesting.......  #trueSELFawarenessANDresponsibility

Back/Forward to ME again and dancing to my own beat...and loving every moment of it!  MY path, that is.  After all, why would I walk someone else's when MY path is "MY" path?!

Yep...it's a WALK; not just a talk.  How YOU walking...or dancing?  Are you following YOUR path...or someone else?  And how will you ever get to YOUR destination if you're walking another's path?  

Remember, TWO things a true pioneer and trailblazer must have:  SKILLS and COURAGE.  The bait for your "fish."  ;-)

GOoD Nite, CEOs (Conscious Evolution Originals).  Keep marching forward...and Shine ON, Stars!  <3


GOOD MORN CEOs (Conscious Evolution Originals). Yesterday I briefed you on the importance of "focused marketing" and the importance of KNOWING and TARGETING the "right audience/clientele" for your business and narrowing your FOCUS for optimal success.

Now....let's talk about your "friends." When you are an entrepreneur and in business for yourself, you don't have the luxury to just be hanging out with every Tom, Dick and LaQuesha and doing all the things "they" do. You don't wake up in the morning on go to an office that's guaranteed to pay your job whether you show up late or not. And sitting all day smoking, drinking and/or just constantly "postulating" over things get NOTHING done.

FACT: Without ACTION, an idea is and will forever be just an "idea."

FACT: Some people have great ideas, but no "follow-through." And NO follow-through means NO growth or success...for YOU.

FACT: YOU ARE "YOUR JOB." AND EVERY DAY YOU AUTOMATICALLY WAKE UP IN THE OFFICE. So treat yourself like YOU are your BEST employee (because you ARE) and let's do some "reassessing the books" right now.

If the people you always hang around are constantly draining from you, wanting YOU to always do something for them while they never do anything for YOU other than talk, you're not around "friends." You're around "hanger-ons" and "liabilities." Most of what they do is usually wait for YOU to get things physically and/or conceptually rolling while they "lay around" and "lie" about what they're gonna do. 99% of the time, these types expect you (almost as if you're "obligated" when you're NOT) to use YOUR ability to make stuff happen for THEM....OR distract you from what you are doing by being a part of THEIR "audience" or "entourage" or "movement" which has NO bearing on YOUR business or YOUR "power moves" whatsoever.


Taking charge of YOUR business means taking charge of YOUR life. Make YOUR success and YOUR happiness the #1 priority in YOUR life...or you will ALWAYS be a slave to someone else's whims.

Stepping up as the #1 priority in YOUR life and business is a MUST for anyone who is a CEO. Every step you make, in your business as well as your life, should be a positive and productive one. Even if you "misstep," there should be a lesson of what to do and NOT to do to build upon so you don't make the same mistakes again.

THEN CORRECT THOSE EQUATIONS! DO BETTER MATH. AND CHOOSE GAIN OVER DRAIN. That's NOT being "selfish." That's "saving SELF." And when it comes to being an entrepreneur, NO ONE will save you more than YOU. NO ONE SHOULD SAVE YOU MORE THAN YOU. If YOU don't take you seriou$, why should anyone else?!

Empty tables can't feed NO ONE, including yourself. So, upon realizing that preparing YOUR table FIRST and "saving yourself" is actually the MAIN GOAL of your business and the FIRST step in your service of others, surround yourself with those you can actually learn FROM. Successful mentors. Proven builders. Those who are doing as well, if not better than YOU.

And always be in a position of gratitude and appreciation when they share their pearls....because they don't have to do anything but just BE. But reciprocal energy and appreciation keep the movement of success flowing. And as long as there is forward movement, there are future destinations to travel and opportunities to build upon.

FACT: Oceans have more water to give than "ponds." So get OUT of the "ditch" and surround yourself with those you can learn from and quite possibly build with. But KNOW....REAL builders expect results; not just talk. So if your talk is not corresponding to your actions, prepare to be "dropping" from the "winning vibration" and take a "moment of silience" to reassess YOUR role (or lack there of) in your process of growth. Are you "working" or just "waiting?" ...and be about the business of YOUR business by making the necessary changes that you enable your GAIN and not constantly facilitate a drain on your time, grind and shine.

AS A CEO, CHANGE IS THE ONE THING THAT IS A CERTAINTY. You must continue to EVOLVE and be "relevant" to whatever you are trying to do. But it doesn't start with your "audience." It first starts with YOU.

YOU MUST BE about the business of YOUR business by making the necessary changes that you enable your GAIN and not constantly facilitate a drain on your time, grind and shine. IT'S A MUST TO CHOOSE GAIN OVER DRAIN FOR OPTIMAL SUCCESS IN LIFE AND BUSINESS! Working for McDonalds or someone else isn't for EVERY body. Definitely not for "Alphas." If it's not for YOU, choose wisely and make productive powerful PERSONAL moves FORWARD toward YOUR goals and happiness.

IJS....you can't reach new destinations traveling the same dusty back roads to nowhere. Be BETTER....and surround yourself with BETTER. And watch your smiles, your finances, the quality of your relationships (personal and professional) AND your success grow.

That's not something I "think." That is something I KNOW...and LIVE.

For speaking engagements and to find out about Da Oracle's "Super 7 Rules For Succe$$," book me at bookvaljones@iamvaljones.com or go to my website.


GOOD DAY CEOs (Conscious Evolution Originals).  Let's talk "focused marketing."  

Always a winning strategy, focused marketing targets your best assets and your best audience for those assets.  Note:  Everyone is not privy nor productive for your assets.  Only fools who plan to lose want EVERYBODY.

But that's a journey some NEVER learn OR must learn...the hard way.  Learned mine.  Evolved now.  And knowing, EVERY body is not for YOU nor your journey.  Know when to hold 'em; know when to fold 'em; know when to walk away.

All this is to say, FOCUS ON YOUR PRODUCT AND PRODUCTIVITY.  When it's a win/win, it's a "WIN-WIN."  But if it's a drain, gotta go gotta GO.

Not my lane; not my market; not my audience.  #unbothered 

Nothing personal.  It's "focused marketing."  AKA the V.I.P. strategy (Vibrational Intelligence Perception). And it works EVERY time.  

Don't believe me?  Watch and learn......

That's your morning briefing from Da Oracle.  Sip on that and have a wONEderFULL day, CEOs.


(Written by Kev Ross of "Radio Facts.")

As previously stated, I am burnt out on warning urban radio people about the future. If anyone reading this has an opinion or advice feel free to hit me up and I will post. The best I can do at this point is be the sole source to provide the platform for the truth for those who want to tell it.  Thanks Val…Kev

Val Jones on Carol Blackmon, Rene Miller and the State of Urban RadioPerhaps they were too intelligent…reached the “glass ceiling”….station’s can’t afford to give them any more money OR the money they’re worth…so many reasons…all bad for business. But that’s NEVER stopped them before. Although I’m one of the FEW they “attempted” to do right by, I walked away…even with a counter-offer on the table…which I was told (name omitted) NEVER did. Still, it was a “no win” situation. I’m never playing ball “just to play ball.” I play to WIN. I wanted our station to WIN…or do well. However, politics get in the way. Maybe they want ONE station to do better than the other. Maybe the WRONG station is making waves and not the one that should bemaking the BIGGEST waves. MY “thinking” is that…money is ALL going into the “same pot.” So WHY does it matter? Yet…it does. So, long story short, it’s time. Just another in a long line of professionals who either see the writing on the wall and walk away BEFORE it happens to them….or those who wait til it DOES inevitably happen.

Radio One parts ways with Carol Blackmon and Rene Miller

Terrestrial radio is in the SAME tailspin I talked about and predicted in 1994 with The Edge (Mitch and Arvester Faulkner’s industry trade). And it’s STILL gonna get worse before it gets better. Honestly….they did good to last THAT long. At the end of the day, it’s nothing they could or couldn’t do….other than “dumb down” their skills, their drive, their “notoriety” (mustn’t be bigger than the station) AND their paychecks. And after doing your job to the best of your ability with NO support and NO real promotional budget, what’s one to do?! Walk away…or wait to get fired. BOOM!

Do For SelfThe solution? Unfortunately, like any bad movie, it’s just gotta play out…until there is no more room (or money) to run from the errors. Personally, I’d like to see all the REAL professional broadcasters band together and jump on the internet/satellite wagon and let terrestrial radio “fend for itself.” More and more people are turning OFF terrestrial radio (for good reason. Same 15 songs; ebonic jocks. NO balance). The solution? What it’s always been…DO FOR SELF and have our own. Hard to do…maybe impossible. But it’s a better hope than what lies ahead for terrestrial. Even the white boys like Jerry Del Colliano know that. If folks that are in terrestrial radio right now DON’T have a back-up plan RIGHT NOW, they are gonna be “shit out of luck.” Remember….there is NO “retiree program” in this biz. Too many are dying with no insurance, no backup plans…and it’s hard to even HAVE a 2nd gig because they want their workers as “slaves” — working ALL day and ALL night for peanuts and no time or energy to have a back up plan. Folks just gotta get some “balls,” face the truth…and make a move. Easier said than done, I know. And MANY, including Jerry Boulding (loved that man but…) couldn’t understand why, when presented with “radio opps” why I didn’t take ’em.

Because I knew THIS was already here and happening. Just think…if I hadn’t started up MY back-up plan years ago, I could be living in a box under a bridge with everybody talking about “Oh she was so good for radio” at my funeral. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

The Writing’s on the WallThe solution? Get OUT…and let the “big wigs” who are running the game (MOST of who NEVER really been IN radio other than sales) do all the work themselves. You already see the “big boys” on the verge of bankruptcy. How can you be soooo “smart and in charge” and yet can’t see the writing on the wall AND your numbers and money dwindling?! Announcers are damned if you do…and damned if you don’t. If you do exactly as you’re told, you’re gonna LOSE. If you go “rogue” like I did, you’ll get the numbers, but the politics may not be right…and they’ll NEVER pay you your worth. And eventually, you’ll STILL be replaced with some less experience at a much cheaper cost….because the “big boys” who run the game but (again) have never really been on the “broadcasting” side of it really DO think “any monkey” can do the job.

Keep this in mind in the “damn ed if you do and damned if you don’t:” You DO the job…you bring the station numbers up and get the ball rolling again. Then…you’re replaced with some less experienced and cheaper…because they feel the “car is up and running just fine, so let’s replace the driver ‘cuz we’re all good now.” No…they are NOT. But they will never SEE that until they crash. The wonderful world of radio!! Tiz why I stay on the “fringe”…and watch it crumble from the sidelines. I fought a good fight; but the powers that be DON’T want to listen. So the only left to do is have a backup plan and SAVE SELF…NOW! wink emoticon

Carol and Rene were first-class talents. But it doesn’t matter to the corporate heads who are in charge now. They had reached their “money ceiling”…and left a slot that corporate obviously feels can easily be replaced…or voice-tracked. ALL the big station companies are “interesting.” But Radio One (and again, they did okay…sorta….by me. But STILL) is a VERY VERY interesting company to work for.

Anytime your Christmas bonus is a Jeff Majors CD….. Maaaan, I got $200 at an AM Rock oldies station in Southern Pines, NC. And in the ATL, after a good showing in our FIRST book at Magic, we get a Jeff Majors CD for a Christmas bonus?! SMH (Editor’s Note, Can’t Stop laughing, Not a Jeff Majors CD for a bonus) You can always reach me at iamvaljones@aol.com .

CEOracle-isdom: Forgiveness is NOT an excuse for not accepting responsibility for what you did or didn't do. All too often, people ask for "forgiveness" after the fact like that should automatically absolve them from consequences THEIR actions resulted in.

And although people can be forgiven, certain actions (especially when you see a pattern) should not. Rewarding bad behavior or results never leads to lasting success and is "anti-good" on ANY level.

The good of it all: You live and learn and move forward, realizing that some in your past were merely pages in your story and never meant to be in your future or "later chapters." That's LIFE...and how you you grow. Lessons are meant to evolve from; not get stuck in. That's why it is called......change.

Evolution is not about "forgiving" the wrong; it's about moving forward to what's RIGHT for YOU without regrets and enjoying YOUR life regardless.


EYE know...HARSH WORDS.  But if you're "trying" to be in the BUSINESS of "show business," some of you better get used to hearing this...a LOT (as if you haven't already).  Believing in yourself is NOT enough!!!  YOU NEED TALENT...AND QUALITY PRESENTATION!!!!

Waking up this morning....after some really "strange dreams" (ancestors just be PUSHING ME these days when, honestly, EYE'm just trying to chill and make money)...and "encouraged," or should EYE say "compelled" to say this:

YES...EYE know a LOT of folks in the industry.  NO...mi contacts are NOT su contacts.  EYE "earned" mine; work for and earn yours accordingly and don't EXPECT it to be a given...especially when YOU have not proven yourself.


QUALITY OVER EVERYTHING!!  The industry has dumbed down stuff sooooo much that anybody think they can be a "recording star," the next great "rapper."  And of course, EVERY FREAKIN' BODY'S a GREAT poet these days.  No.  NO!  You are NOT! (with your NO concept of poetry before 2001 ass!)

Consider THIS scenario.  YOU're in high school...and YOU want to come to a 20-30 year professional and tell them how to run THEIR business (which they have SUCCESSFULLY been running for 20-30 years), claiming you'd make the BEST CEO they would ever have.  First off, in asking you, WHAT does CEO stand for, you get that ALL wrong.  FAIL.  Then you come off with arrogance on top of that ignorance with NO respect whatsoever for someone who's NO DOUBT open the door for YOU to come in....sadly looking AND sounding foolish.  FAIL.  Then, the work you present is shoddy, muddy, not professional looking at ALL and your presentation sucks!  FAIL!  THEN, YOU get a case of the ass and "haterade" syndrome because a PROFESSIONAL is telling you that YOU need to BE and SOUND more PROFESSIONAL!  EPIC FAIL!!

FACT:  IF YOU SHIT SOUNDS "WACK," NONE OF MY "PROFESSIONAL FRIENDS" IN THE BIZ WILL GIVE IT A LOOK OR LISTEN PAST 3 SECONDS.  Then they're gonna look at ME like EYE'm the crazy one.  Let me make this perfectly CLEAR:  EYE BUILT MY WAY, MY STEPS, MY CLOUT, MY CREDIBILITY ON MY OWN WORK!  As a woman in this biz, EYE had a LOT of obstacles.  STILL do.  MOST wanna FUCK ya than actually HELP...in more ways than one.  Weak egos can't take strong women.  And dumb egos can't take brilliance.  And the fact that EYE can actually PRODUCE MYSELF and not just be a "pretty voice" is apparently intimidating to those who think women couldn't do the job as well as men.  Silly rabbit!!  And God forbid if you just happen to be BLACK TOO.And not ONE time did EYE turn up MY AZZ to get a gig...KEEP a gig...or get somebody to "fund" me.  ONE WOMAN...in a sea of sharks....handling biz like a little piranha (thank GOD for the OTHER fish when the nice one attempts to get "overwhelmed").  Airborne brat.  SO DON'T FUCKIN' TREAD ON ME!!!  But back to some of YOU...and what you "assume" is the job EYE should be doing for YOU: 

If YOU think EYE'm gonna ruin all that EYE have built on some "dumb shit" that is not PROFESSIONAL SOUNDING or MUDDY and YOU wanna call me "non-supportive," then go right ahead.  As EYE'm checking, HOW MANY OF YOU HAVE DROPPED A DIME IN MY POCKET FOR THIS HELP THAT YOU OBVIOUSLY DON'T WANT?!!!  

Take a class.  Get better.  STFU and LISTEN.  And stop taking it personal.  It's a fact.  If it doesn't sound up to par and you're NOT a good performer, it just IS what it IS.  EYE am NEVER looking for the "Hood's Next Greatest Star."  EYE look for people who've got REAL star quality that could impress the WHOLE WORLD.  Don't let Worldstarr or that ratched ass Source Awards get you twisted.  The Professionals that EYE deal with are NOT impressed with such....and tour all over the world.  NOT just trap clubbing in your local zipcode.

EYE tried to say it nicely....people don't get it.  EYE ignore...people don't get it.  EYE tell the truth...people don't get it.  WELL OPEN YOUR EYES AND YOUR EARS AND BE HONEST WITH YOURSELVES!  Some of these "studios" with ALL their so-called equipment keeps putting out the muddiest shit on earth.  AND YOU'RE PAYING THEM...BUT EXPECTING ME TO PUSH THAT GARBAGE FOR FREE?!!!  GTFOOH  

PEOPLE ARE "HIRED" (because it's a JOB) to do Promotions and A&R (Artist & Repertoire for those unfamiliar with the term).  Yet some folks who just "woke up" and think they're an artist feel some of us have nothing to do in our lives but spend all our time and OUR dime making THEIR shit hot when it's NOT.  Sorry...it's NOT!!  PERIOD!  It might be...it could be.  IF you listen and follow instructions of a REAL teacher.  But again, people get PAID for that because it's a JOB....like TEACHING.  And after all this FREE help proved to be my financial "downfall," even Da Oracle had to "re-assess" and "re-calculate" the math and the actions EYE was doing.  You're never too old to learn.  But some ARE apparently too stupid.  NOT my problem NOR my "job" to concern myself with. But back to those tracks...and the difference between YOURS and MINE: 

Do you hear the CLARITY of each track that EYE put out?!  Each commercial?!!  Do you think PROFESSIONALS would PAY TOP DOLLAR for that shit if it sounded muddy and muffled?!  EYE've had clients make me redo a word because it didn't sound quite right...and EYE DID...because that was my JOB that EYE was PAID to do.  But that's on rare occassions because EYE HAVE AN EAR FOR QUALITY PRODUCTION AND MUSIC.  It's clear some of you AND your "sound people" DON'T.  Is your sound man/producer's ears just off?!  Or is he not professional and don't know what the fuck he's doing...and can't be told anything BY anyone professional?! Is his/her ego getting in the way of experience he/she clearly doesn't have...yet?!  NOTE:  Do you SEE anybody who IS professional making SERIOUS moves to utilize these people?!

As the ole saying goes, "You get what you pay for."  And you DON'T what you DON'T.  And not sorry at ALL to say, EYE'm not gonna ruin MY reputation and credibility for ALWAYS knowing and hearing and pushing GOOD shit to get tainted by some dumb shit.  "MY PEOPLE" already looked at me "sideways" once and gave me ONE "pass" and a swift kick in the ass for doing that, blaming it on my depression and the need to be "Florence Nightingale" in wanting to help EVERYBODY.  But seriously, you can't make wine out of raisins.  And MY time can't be wasted on such ridiculous miracles as to push something that EYE know in my heart, my head AND MY EARS that is not going past your "pre-production" sounding "post-production."  Not again.  NOT again.  QUALITY OVER EVERYTHING!  MONEY OVER MESS!!  REAL BIZ OVER BULLSHIT!!!

Okay...wow!  And all of that was BEFORE coffee.  Blame it on Uranus and Venus going retrograde at the same time.  Revisiting truth...and letting it ALL hang out before EYE move forward without looking back.  Can't EVER say EYE didn't tell you or let you know....many to your faces!!  But EYE'm sure you will anyway.  Funny how stories get distorted....LIKE YOUR MUSIC!!

Just had to get that off my chest.  Feel purged now.  Yes...THIS house is CLEAN (in my Tangina voice).  Some will get it; some NEVER will.  They'll just continue to "hate" and say EYE don't support and yada yada yada.  Whatever.  Looked in my future...didn't see you there NOR where YOU mattered at ALL other than a lesson for ME to let go of bullshit not to MY benefit and growth.  Thank you for the lesson though.  You just can't waste time on folks who don't want to learn.  So, let REAL LIFE teach 'em.  EYE'm just saying....

Believe me (or not, doesn't matter) when EYE say that YOU will need the truth before the truth will need YOU.  And truth is always patient because it's ETERNAL; unlike the lie that's ALWAYS temporary...and ALWAYS folds under REAL pressure.  And please believe that EYE really AM saying this with LOVE. EYE actually WANT you to do better.  But if you CAN'T, that is NOT my problem or situation to fix.  And definitely not for FREE and especially if YOU won't listen and learn!

P.S.  EYE'm "ancient." Past...Present...AND Future.  And some of you...are just yesterday already.  Sad.  But it IS the path that YOU chose.  And WE...just aren't going in the same direction.  And MY folks...just ain't trying to hear ya, dawg!  GET BETTER...and maybe we'll get back to ya.  #faREALdoe



Been there; done that; CAN'T do it; WON'T do it! DRAIN. Sometimes you're a better friend to others than they are to YOU. Lessons learned. Sometimes you have to get rid of the "shadows" blocking YOUR shine so YOU can do what YOU are supposed to do. Blessings earned.

Sometimes...MANY times...people see your climb and assume they can "latch a ride" because it's all GOOD with you now. True...and NOT. EYE am STILL climbing up out of the "oblivion of hell" that EYE "allowed" (See the taking of "responsibility" there?!) to put me in. Never again.

IJS....learn to be your OWN best friend...because folks who "pretend" or just wanna "apprehend" YOUR good fortune to make it theirs are NEVER around you at the end when you need them most. They just get YOUR pearls, don't even say thanks and go "ghost." Cool. Needed that lesson of "letting go"...'cuz EYE'm a little "hardheaded," ya know. And sometime...ALL TIMES...you gotta see things as they ARE; NOT how you "want" them to BE.

The brash reality AND beauty of seeing who BELONGS on your journey...and who doesn't. And more so, seeing and BEING YOU! ALL OF YOU!! Some can't handle it. But some can. Know YOUR vibrations. Gravitate towards YOUR vibration. THAT is where YOUR elevation will come.

Things change. People change. Goals change. LIFE WILL CHANGE. It's called "EVOLUTION." NOTHING stays the same. That's why Mother Nature is "correcting" all that mankind fucked up! Mankind "thought" he was in control. MOM is SHOWING something quite different! And MANY...are not handling the "shift" well.

BUT IT'S WORKING FOR ME!! YAY!!! And just because some can't change or adapt to the inevitable "karma" that's taking place doesn't mean that their not moving forward or understanding what REAL love and reciprocity and "building" and LIFE is about should stop YOU. When you stop "dragging" the folks who DON'T belong on your journey, you'll find the ones who DO...who will actually build with YOU...YOUR empire....not just expect YOU to build "theirs." ‪#‎LawOfAttraction‬

Been there; done that; doing something else...that's WORKING for ME now. After all, if you're helping everyone else with THEIR drama and "movement," WHO is gonna help you with YOURS?!

Better watch and learn. Or not. Free will...just like MY free will to say: NOT TODAY. But ya know what...either way...you'll LEARN. ;-)

What a smile and peace looks like when you mind YOUR business...FIRST.

Now sip on THAT coffee!!! Trust me...it'll definitely wake you UP!


It always amazing to me the "testimonies" many gravitate to.  Many speak 'em...but when REAL souljahs share THEIR stories, it's either called "bragging" or something else.  But when you have been thru the fire COUNTLESS TIMES...fires that have burned EVERYTHING to the ground and stripped you of EVERY pearl and YOUR crown...and you find YOURSELF man/woman down and ALL those who you helped seem to NEVER be found or coming around...

...you realize what being a REAL "souljah/soldier" of Faith IS.  MANY "talk" it.  FEW "walk" it.  And when you share that proof and that truth and actually PUT those ACTIONS in use, folks who shout "stories" NEVER want to admit to the "gory glories" of the souljahs/soldier who arise from hell with wisdom and stories to tell...

...because it takes away from the "blue pill" that THEY were trying to sale.  And you wonder why so many end up in jail or on their last "exhale" because they were "waiting" for an "invented and lesser" GOD instead of looking inside and manifesting the TRUE "GODHEAD" in YOU.  Divine connection -- WITHOUT the greedy or clueless "middle men." And when you not only speak but SHOW this power in CLEAR view it puts a target on you from the clueless greedy few because many NEVER knew.  Or...they did and didn't want YOU to know because THEY wanted to "control" YOU.  Does THIS story sound familiar to YOU?!


Don't just look at GOD.  LOOK ALSO AT YOU....SINCERELY!!  And remember to NEVER take YOURSELF out of the equation. Faith without actual WORK is dead.  And GOD works THRU YOU!  If it's ALL on GOD, then what the hell are YOU supposed to do?!  Sit there and be lazy and clap and read fables over and over and expecting a change and good things to happen just because you're waiting for a cherry cloud like you're waiting on a bus?!!

So what makes it right for liars to tell these "stories" but REAL souljahs are denied THEIR "glories?"!  WHY are OUR testimonies called "bragging" and the fake ones get all the credit for....hmmm....now WHAT have you gone thru ALONE again?!

Anywhoo...STILL surviving AND striving in PLAIN VIEW and wondering:  So why YOU mad?!   

And even when EYE show AND prove MY story and truth with resilience AND proof, you STILL wanna throw "inaccurate shade" and deny?!  Even when MY truth could actually HELP you to rise?!  Wow!  Some refuse what is directly in front of their eyes.  Could it be that MY light and life proves your "stories" to be no more than a brazen lie?!

The beauty of wisdom...and the light.  Some things YOU just take YOUR lit lantern and say "good night"..and creep on like a thief in the night.  (Thanks Big Bro for the advice.  Securing MY "oil.")  

And as for all that other miscellaneous trouble and toil?!  EYE'll let YOU handle that.  Sounds like a personal problem to me.  And ya know what...EYE might have 99 problems, but a bitch ain't one!  LOL    

P.S.  HOW YOU LIVING...fa REAL doe?!!  #ShiningOrSalty  

And THERE would tell another story.  ;-)


The irony....there is NEVER a day that EYE am without pain.  NEVER.  Don't even REMEMBER a day EYE was "pain-free."  After a while, you just adjust...and get used to it.  Some people will NEVER get this...even though they wanna "assume" they do.  But can YOU imagine a day...EVERY DAY...with body pain?!!  Some days are better than others.  Some days are worse.  YET....people think THEY are exactly the same as me...struggle and all.  Even though...THEY have a "team."  A "family."  A "support system."  THEY think THEY know ME or MY grind...or feel MY time should automatically be an "obligation" to make THEIR lives comfortable because that's all a part of "giving back."

But WHO gives back to ME?!  WHO helps ME with MY pain...and MY grind?!  Hmmm...processing...processing....uploading facts.

Believe me...EYE don't WANT your sympathy.  Just letting you know why you DON'T have mine...or my efforts or time...especially when it's distracting me or taking me away from dealing with my OWN pain and grind.  IJS...Suffering for someone else's pain has NEVER proved to be a positive or productive thing for ME.  And when the "savior" needs SAVING...all you get is "empty prayers" and not a PENNY to pay a bill from the ones YOU helped to pay THEIR bills.  Just keeping it real.  

Again...processing...processing...uploading...facts AND reality.  #AintNothingChristianAboutThatShit...or maybe it IS.  ;-)  #religiousironies

ORACLE OBSERVATION:  That moment when you give thanks that you WOKE UP and smelled the roses...YOUR roses...before they were laid out across a casket for crocodile tears to lie about the years of "fake love" and "misuse."  It's okay.  Really.  EYE allowed myself to be used.  Just like EYE now allow myself NOT to be used!  Lessons learned are ALWAYS blessings earned.  Just keeping it very REAL...which is what a LOT of folks DON'T want you to do.  Speak truth.

But THOSE folks are NOT a "priority" in my life...as the reality suggests EYE was NEVER a priority in theirs.  And lies NEVER trump truth.  And so...it goes.  Karmic justice...and evolution.  Survival of the fittest.  Saving your OWN soul and spirit!!!  ARE YOU HEARING ME?!  Maybe...you should.  You'll be better off for it...and will know why......

FIRST priority on THIS journey?  MY survival. MY happiness.  MY grind.  MY shine. Unless you're paying, YOU come....later.  Because my art...my passion...my love...is ALSO my BUSINESS!!!  MY JOB!!!  Just keeping it 100.  

Bitter?  Nooooo.  BETTER, baby!  A wake up call and learning lesson for ALL.  You strive when you release the baggage you were never meant to have.  You LIVE when you learn to let go of things that keep you from living. And those who can't deal?  Well...that's THEIR lesson to learn and baggage to carry.  Focus on YOUR path...and YOUR lessons.  Tests are personal...and so is the grade given.