Behold the face of Rheumatoid Arthritis...IBS...Fibromyalgia... Costochondritis... Angina...Chronic Fatigue...Menopause (now THAT is probably the BIGGEST mothafucka of 'em ALL)...Depression (check that...THAT is the BIGGEST MUTHAFUCKA OF 'EM ALL)...and VICTORY. Thru the pain...thru the rain...thru being used and abused, imitated and hated, leeched and betrayed, ONLY child who saw both her loving Parents go to their graves, a widow who watched her husband die, murdered almost in front of her face...and jealous folks who don't want ME to tell MY story because they feel none of this matters anyway. Well...it DOES. To ME...and those who are LIKE me who need to SEE and hear THEY are not alone.

The seed of 2 soldiers who walks alone with no fear and dropping my seeds and stories to those with wanting and appreciative ears. Cains can't stop the talking of who and what the MOST HIGH wants to keep walking. WE ARE THE TRULY CHOSEN...because we walk thru the valley of shadow of death and call upon light and the life from which WE came from. And THAT is why the devils whisper in secret...and when they SEE you they run! Proved...Proven...and Proving. Keep watching. More to come. NOW it's MY time for Sunshine and fun. ;-)

P.S. If you're on everybody else's team, WHO is on YOURS?! And the moral of the story is: ALWAYS look out for the No.1 player in YOUR life. ‪#‎TEAMVAL‬

"The Reality Storyteller"

Sooo...had to put on my glasses so some of you could SEE what EYE'm saying.  On the term "support."  It's clearly means something different and less "substantial" and meaningful today.  It used to mean...SUPPORT...as in to help build, help lift, help grow together.

These days it seems to merely mean:  "Help me make MY shit hot...MY product hot...MY spot hot...MY act hot.  Fill MY pocket up...and invest in ME more that I will ever invest in myself.  And since I don't really do what I need to do to invest in MYSELF and expect YOU to cover all that, you should know from jump that I will NEVER invest in YOU...because I don't even invest in ME like that.  But we still FAM, right?!  And fam suppose to always carry fam....even when the fam won't carry you back."

OKAY, LIKE WUT?!  As in WHAT UNGODLY TRICK of the mind is THIS?!  THAT is NOT "real" business and NOT how you build professional business relations with others!

Trust me.  EYE have proven the theory AND the definition as it flows out some people's mouths but it NEVER shows in their actions.  So, THAT "re-defined" definition was for all who may not understand the NEW meaning of "support" today. And from that, you can clearly see the difference between those who were raised on REAL milk and those who were raised on similac.  No taste or integrity for standards.

And the moral of the story is:  First and foremost, SUPPORT YOURSELF...and NEVER get distracted from THAT!  The first foundation you should EVER and ALWAYS build is your own!  And that's something you'll ALWAYS be able to take to the bank....unlike those BS checks of insufficient funds from all those crumbs operating on the "new" meaning of support.  For those who didn't know, lip service pays NO bills!  REAL talk!

THAT is why EYE only deal with those who KNOW and show they know the original meaning....cuz EYE never developed a taste for similac.  Not served in MY V.I.P.  (double entendre intended)

Pass the wisdom on...because SOMEONE right now is needing to READ this.  ;-)

"The Reality Storyteller"

The irony...and joy... of the lesson AND blessing is to see people profiting from doors and paths EYE first opened and already crossed. Been there; done that; came back....and that's where ANOTHER journey took place...with a few "speed bumps" along the way. Folks who jump on your back and spring forward without a thank you. Folks who jump on your back...and use you as a spring to jump in front of you, feigning YOUR gift and pushing YOUR ideas to someone as if it was theirs to start with. Folks who jump on your back with agendas...agendas that ONLY help their always "self-serving/insecure" sub-behaviors. Folks who don't really know what the word "support" means. If you NEVER done it, it's like explaining the color fuchsia to a blind man. Gotta KNOW to show...and vice versa.

But TRUE pioneers ultimately find out TWO things: the importance of not squandering fertile seeds...and the barren fields which not to plant. EYE had to travel those "barren fields" a couple of trips around...because sometimes "soft hearts" can't believe what's really going down. EVERYBODY says they "want" it. But EVERYBODY doesn't deserve it...nor can't DO it. And if YOU can, don't shear off a piece of YOUR wood on YOUR floating ship to help someone who's sinking. There might be a reason WHY they are sinking that has EVERYTHING to do with THEM...and NOTHING to do with YOU. Keep sailing ON, Noah! It's not like you didn't tell 'em to get their "water wings" ready. Seed planted; job done!

The moral of this story is: "Learned lessons" will help a "fallen souljah" get OFF of the ground. And once learned, WE don't make the same mistakes twice. "You're welcome" to those who never did and never will know how to say "thank you." EYE no longer wait for reciprocity that's not of YOUR nature and just keep it moving to those who "get it"...and GET IT.

NOW...it's time (or maybe it was ALWAYS time) to walk THIS path for ME. NO distractions. NO speed bumps. NO side trips that are NO gain for ME. Lessons learned and being shades of my Mother, more so than my Daddy. Evolution time...and time for a CHANGE. Not just the talk; but the walk as well. And if it doesn't make ME smile, it and YOU just ain't my style...YOU can go to...wherever you go. Not my concern and in my rear view only. ;-)

Allow me to "introduce" myself. Hmmmm....well, just keep watching. You'll see. Imitated but NEVER duplicated....and always original. Who ELSE would EYE be?! 

"The Reality Storyteller"

P.S.  See that "space crack" to the left? That's the "Time Lords" coming thru giving me that extra energy to regenerate. Yup! Just like Doctor Who.

EYE forgive you.
EYE forgive you in your need to compete
Your need to repeat same mistakes
That keep you in the same place
And, instead of looking in the mirror,
You use MY face as the source of your pain
Because the shame of your own insecurities
Weigh you down from being free
To see
EYE was only there to help
Not to be a mere entourage
To your misery
Not to facilitate 
Your own self-hate
And share the burden with you

EYE forgive you
For separating friends and ends
Simply because your own life now depends
On the drama and distraction
Of not addressing your own sin
Denial NEVER makes amends
With reality....
And it is at this point
Where MY new life begins
Because EYE sadly realize
We were probably never friends
Because HOW can someone be a friend to YOU
When they can't even be a friend to themselves?

Wasted dreams like old dust on the shelves
Ignoring your real self
And trying to be someone else
Will not free you from YOU
And that's when EYE realized
There was nothing else EYE could do

But free...me
And just let it...be

EYE took my hands off the "hope"
And let my happiness lead me on to better
Realizing that this is no longer a path
We can share together
We were just 2 points meeting
At a familiar intersection
Moving in different directions
Introspection suggests
The understanding that lessons...
Are personal

And sometimes...
You just have to let the student
Get burned
Especially when it's earned and their turn

Tiz why elders cry
And say goodbye

Because someone
Has to be left
To breathe breath
Into the babies
Who truly search
For better wealth


EYE forgive you
And the fact that you can't even forgive yourself
And that's why our story has to end

Because self-hate is something
EYE will NEVER cater to
Nor recommend 
Goodbye, my "friend"

Thanks for the lesson in letting go

How you break ties with fading shadows from your past



It's Spring!  Are you IN season...OUT of season...or priming yourself to NEVER HAVE a season?  

There are Universal "normals" that occur, whether mankind follows them or not.  One is planting in the proper season.  Tiz the time when flowers start to bloom, bees start to pollinate and farmers begin to til their fields and plant for a wonderful crop in the Summer and a precious harvest in the Fall to get them thru those lean Winter months.

Now...repeating the most important question of the day:  "ARE YOU PLANTING PRECIOUS SEEDS IN YOUR GARDEN...OR SOMEONE ELSE'S?!"

Planting in another's garden is ALWAYS risky...and you are NEVER assured of reaping anything.  Many are more than happy to reap what YOU sow and never give as much as an apple back.  KNOW that, at this point, THIS becomes a lesson for YOU...and why it is IMPORTANT as well as ESSENTIAL that YOU plant your precious seeds in your OWN garden so you can eat and live in a humane way.  

If you have an abundance and can AFFORD to plant in another's garden, do what you do.  It's YOUR seeds to do with as you will.  But, if YOUR field is in need and you only have so many seeds, NEVER...let me repeat, NEVER plant your seeds where it's not a guarantee you'll receive anything.  And the ONLY way to assure THAT is to TEND TO YOUR OWN GARDEN FIRST!  That's why farmers work THEIR fields...not everyone else's.

This is really not rocket science.  THIS is a fact of living and planting and building.  But CLEARLY this common sense got lost along the way with the "self-entitlement" of "talkers" and "clueless newbies" who do more stunting than working their own fields.  EYE tested the theory and had to find out the truth and proof in the pudding the hard way...by experience.

Now, EYE am sharing the wisdom with you.  Maybe it might save a drama or two in someone's life.  A psychiatrist or psychoanalyst would charge you $$$$$ for that wisdom.

Let's see how some of YOU pay it forward the free wine and coffee shared today.

Pass the sip!

Let's keep it REAL.  Too many of Y'ALL on some "Murk Murder Murk Turn Up SLAVEMURK that was NEVER the ORIGINAL Murk Shit."  Too many of Y'ALL on that "stereotype dope" and keep choking from the smoke.  YET, you want the REAL players to toke those "stems and sticks" you throw at the ONE while you stay in the haze for days and NEVER change YOUR ways.  And then have the NERVE to HATE when someone finally says, "THE EMPEROR HAS NO CLOTHES AND THIS IS BULLSHIT, GERALDO!" 

EYE get it...it's easier to "talk"....than to "walk."  And it's makes for GREAT "stunting."  "WE BALLIN'!"  REALLY?!  IN WHOSE WORLD?!  Ahhh....there be the mirror some never wanna look at.

And, as for those REAL GRINDERS who show the WALK and just not the talk?!  Well...let's just say that people on a whole are funny (and yet not).  And apparently proven, it's easier to throw shit at the REAL walkers than learn how to actually WALK YOURSELF and create and GROW your own shit and be about BUSINESS instead of being "WorldStarrHipHop" Stars or Kim K/Kanye wannabes!  Yeah...good luck with that...says the ONE who realizes that some will NEVER understand the "beast" that drives that...and some folk ARE what they ARE regardless...and ALL what they will EVER BE...by their own mindset, pattern and actions (or non-actions). 

But the bigger and MOST IMPORTANT lesson for ME was...what does ANY of that shit have to do with ME?!  THINK!!!  Reassess...and correct.  What "smart ONES" do.

Too many of Y'ALL think that BS you doing now is making a difference and making "moves."  TOO MANY OF Y'ALL....well, whatever.... EYE'm getting into past "mistakes" on MY part and now realize YOUR lesson to learn and pay for is YOUR lesson to LEARN (or not) and pay for. 

HERE is what EYE have learn:  It's true!!  Many can't HANDLE the truth.  They don't really want to hear...or correct.  They just wanna "follow" somebody who's doing the same ratched thing THEY are doing...and they "justify" a "mental suicide" by numbers and not the quality of thought or action.  They just want company on THEIR misery. they're STUCK.  And they fully expect you to be stuck WITH them..or else YOU are not "down."  (There is such a play on the word EYE won't even bother to explain.)


"TEAMS" are funny.  Just like the phrase, "Let's build." It would appear the definition has changed too these days.  People today say, "Let's build."  But what that really means is "Can YOU build MY shit FIRST while I sit and watch?!  And once YOU do, I got you.  Promise."  Correct me if EYE'm wrong.....isn't that how "slavery" kinda started?!  Feels the same to me.  Hmmmm......

NOTE:  SLAVEMASTERS these days come in a variety of colors.  And "slaves" who can't master themselves are ALWAYS trying to master someone else better.  WHERE DEY DO DAT AT?!!

Anywho......EYE am BACK/FORWARD to "TEAMVAL" -- the team that SHOULD have been a priority from the BEGINNING.  After all, WHO had the ball the FIRST place?!  Been on all others' teams...and went from the top...to...here. Can't be mad...when EYE look at MYSELF in the equation.  Sometimes you don't need to pass the ball.  Sometimes...the ball was put in YOUR hands for a reason.  Sometimes...EVERYbody is not for YOUR team; they're only there to make YOUR team play "their game."  PAUSE!!  REASSESS...and correct.

Lessons.  And blessings when you actually LEARN your lessons.  Tiz why EYE share.  Many think EYE write too much; talk too much (code for "don't do ENOUGH for THEM or make THEM look like THEY are the only "relevant" ones).  LET'S KEEP IT REALLY REAL:  EYE don't have the "finances" to "spare" thanks to giving my time and energy and efforts to all these "teams."  So now...EYE decided to go back to TEAMONE...and focus on the ONE who ALWAYS gets the job done.  And NOW, EYE am getting it done for MYSELF...because, if not, who was gonna do it for ME?!

Ahhhhhh.....can we see some hands, followed by some REAL actions and monies in the bank?  And the smoke clears and the REAL reality sets in as the REAL players (or non-players) are seen.

Ya know that moment...when it ALL becomes hilarious...and you realize the joke was on YOU...but YOU are NOT the joke?!  (Ride with me on this long enough...and you'll know the epic depths of what EYE just said)

NOW....allow me to RE-INTRODUCE MYSELF!  That one that WAS in the trenches! That one that PLAYED "REAL HIP HOP."  That one that ALWAYS said "WAKE UP" while EYE was "edutaining" you.  That ONE that was ALWAYS at the TOP of MY class WITHOUT cheating or "cribsheets."  That ONE that Mensa wanted but Daddy said NO...because HE was that ONE who knew a "trick" when you see it.  That ONE...that MILITARY BRAT...that GEORGIA-BORN...that Deep Creek Road AND Murk Girl...that remembering when we had REAL clubs and REAL concerts and REAL parties and was about REAL shit...that "We don't give a fuck and will take NO mess or no stupid bullishit 'cuz EYE am that bitch" one....that "WHO DA FUCK SAID EYE HAD TO KISS YOUR RING WHEN EYE DON'T EVEN SEE A RING??!" one...that "before EYE kiss YOUR ass, EYE'll just do it MYSELF because EYE don't kiss asses....especially the ones who trying to ride MINE" one.

EYE'm that ONE who DOES NOT give you a 2nd chance to make the same mistake THREE times.  Oh yes...EYE pay FAR more attention to your patterns of actions (and NONaction) than your words.  ALL wise ones DO.

EYE am that ONE who will now smile at you...but will KNOW exactly what you're trying to do.  Note:  Everybody who smiles ain't stupid...NOR desperate.

Distractions are for babies.  And though EYE am ALWAYS learning, minor distractions phase me NOT from MY major goals and rise.  (This walk ain't about YOU, nukka!!  It's about ME...and MY movement...and MY life...and MY fun this time!)

Yeah...EYE'm THAT one.  Allow me to RE-INTRODUCE myself.  (In my Jay-Z voice)

Now that we're clear, let's begin again......  

And what you get...or DON'T get...depends on YOUR next move.  Fair enough?  ;-)

See...folks "TALK" about "keeping it REAL."  But when you DO, that's a whole other ballgame, isn't it?!  (double entendre intended)




Some people.....NEVER were about "dat life."

Some people.....LIE about "dat life."

Some people.....can NEVER separate themselves from "dat life."

Some people.....don't nor won't understand why those who came UP from "dat life" try to continue to move UP and not down back into "dat life."  (Once you're FREE, what fool EVER goes BACK into a trap?!!  Especially when you CAN do better?!)

Some people.....can't do better.  Period.  And don't want others to do better and find it easier to tear people who are striving down than to build themselves UP.  Laziness and crab-in-a-barrel mentality take on a LOT of forms...no matter the "image" and the rhetoric.

Some people.....don't get that our elders and ancestors who really WERE about "dat life" when it really WAS "dat life" are/were like Superfly...working toward getting OUT of "dat life" and flipping to a positive and schooling others NOT to go down that road and be about "dat life"....because WHO DA FUCK IN THEIR RIGHT MINDS wanna STAY in a "ghetto-mentality" type situation where YOU NEVER WIN (and that is NOT color-specific...unless you can't see past your OWN hood.  Perhaps reading and studying and traveling MORE outside yourself and your own zip cope {YES EYE SAID "ZIP COPE"...think about it} might bring a little clarity).

And SOME PEOPLE....no matter how much wisdom you drop on them...are like freshly poured cement on a Summer day....A HOT MESS just waiting to dry up in  the Sun and under the heat while the water/wisdom you poured on 'em is just wasted and what's left is just something the rest of the world will walk on without a second thought.

If that was too much for SOME of ya this morning, YOU are probably "some" of those people EYE'm talking about.  Law of attraction states....riches doesn't come to the poor.  The poor has to come to embrace their own "richness"...and THEN someone who is truly worthy will see.  Otherwise, a user is just a user...a slave is just a slave...a nightmare NEVER becomes a dream...and hating others who grow and refine THEIR grapes will NEVER make YOU become a better connoisseur.

RIPPLE...OR FINE WINE?!  What you "drink" is what you ARE and become.  And the two energies and classes DON'T MIX!  Before you enter the next class, make sure you passed the last one.  

Graduation and Elevation is a must.  And REAL teachers don't have time to be stuck with "students" who don't learn when "MOVEMENTS" require the actual action of MOVING...FORWARD.

That's why bathroom stalls are personal.  Nobody needs to partake of everybody else's shit...especially when it ain't YO shit!! (Double Entendre Intended)

A little CLEAN coffee to wake up to.....


GOoD MORNIN' U-N-EYE-VERSE!  A morning purge to go along with the coffee.  And some very REAL facts:

It's incredibly difficult...IMPOSSIBLE even...when the weight of the world is on YOUR shoulders...and more will drop MORE weight on you than take it off...just because...YOU are who YOU are.  Forget the fact that you have your OWN burdens to carry (MORE than many can or will EVER imagine).  And let's be completely for real.  FOLKS DON'T CARE LIKE THAT.  CLEARLY AND PROVEN!  Very VERY few really EVER give a fuck about YOU.  Most just care about THEIR burden...and THEIR "come up"...and THEIR fame...and THEIR agenda...and THEIR movement...and what YOU can do to add to THEIR increase...regardless of YOUR decrease of time, energy and funds.

And all that weight comes on YOUR shoulders and buries you under a TON of rocks and mountains of shit, most which was never yours to carry.  And ALL that drains continues to empty the pot of pure coffee which is now only running on fumes and ONE bean you haven't used yet.

And does anyone ADD to the pot they drink from?  Ahhhh.....there be the continuous tale for the ages and eons.

ORACLES can do MANY things.  But, even in the movie, The Oracle had HER team that was for HER...not the other way around.


FINALLY after shaking off the dust and distractions that would divert me from MY own rise, EYE am starting to embrace what is for ME and ME ALONE.  MY time in the Sun, uninterrupted.  MY fresh air, unpolluted.  Planting seeds EYE created in MY garden and preparing to eat FIRST from the crops EYE made...BECAUSE EYE AM DUE!  BEEN due.  Just...shared...too much...and waited...for...nothing. 

With all these "team" and "movements,"  where was MY team for MY movement?!  And believe you me, if it's only "TEAMVAL," EYE can do that ALL day EVERY day.  It's when folks jump on and jump off like a carousel because they wanted a ride...not to help.  Learning to discern more with my MIND than my heart.  ;-)

AND FINALLY...as EYE was reminded yesterday after the acknowledgment of the miracle of still doing what EYE do ALONE....FINALLY...the magic and sincere words came:  "YOU are NOT alone.  NO ONE should have to do all of THAT alone. NO ONE.  Especially for all you have done for others and have been through.  Just know...YOU have a team that's for YOU.  Don't worry.  WE GOT 'YOU.'  WE...ARE FOR...YOU."

And when they actually show and prove it (NOT the "talk" but the WALK), all you can go is say:  Thank you... (SOMEBODY GETS IT! ABOUT TIME)

EYE'm just saying....BEFORE you drop your "weight" on ME, have YOU lifted ANY of MY weight off?!  Do you "assume" that EYE have nothing else better to do but stop MY vehicle and give free rides to every person heading in some direction that THEY don't even know?!  Do you feel soooo "entitled" that EYE should "automatically" help you whether YOU have proven to MY that YOU warrant MY help or support?!  

Does not MY empty plate deserve food FIRST for MY all my work?!  Or are we stuck speaking French again, like everything EYE do is "We We?!"

OR are YOU waiting for ME to "HAVE YOU" before YOU "GOT ME?"  THAT'S NOT HOW THIS WORKS!!! THAT'S NOT HOW ANY OF THIS WORKS!! (in my Esurance voice)  

You live and learn.  And hearing, seeing AND feeling the Divine Parents and my Oracle Mom Reverent June Juliet Gatlin smiling.  "About time, BELOVED...about time."

It's true.  What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger.  You'd be amazed WHO gets mad at that.  (Usually the ones who NEVER wanted you to rise...OR didn't want you to rise BEFORE them...even though YOU helped!  Man....some folks.  Note it.  CLOCK it.  And ELIMINATE IT FROM YOUR PATH and keep it moving.)

These days, EYE laugh more, stress less...and dismiss "pests" with a quickness.  NO drain in MY gain.  You live and learn.  Well..."some do."  EYE did.  EYE'd rather be a living activist ENJOYING my life than a dead martyr who who died for those who didn't know how to enjoy their own life and worth, more or less yours.

EYE got my own burdens.  EYE am NOT here for YOURS.  But you can learn from MY lessons tho.  Got mind?! 

EYE got MINE!  ;-)


No offense to some people's "movements," but EYE have noticed there is very little "moving" in many of these "movements." Just a lot of stunting for position, vying for camera time, jumping on bandwagons and monies that go "missing." The TRUE activists are pushed to the side once the cameras come or the "corporate massa" hands out a "reparation STFU" check to those who deem themselves in charge.

AND the same old ways of doing things are long since ineffective. New ideas are not heard, nor welcomed...and at the end of the day, nothing is accomplished....which IS the "goal" of "those" in the first place....especially if THEY are not the FIRST name in the paper.

IJS....EYE do MORE and have PROVEN to be MORE effective as a whole doing MY activism MYSELF thru my art and my show. EYE don't do causes...just to end up a cause MYSELF that no one in the "original cause" or "movement" wants to support in REAL life (Facebook fronting does NOT count). And EYE don't do "marches." Singing "Kumbaya" and "We Shall Overcome" is just NOT for ME....especially when we should be about the business OF OVERCOMING; not just "singing" about it. And EYE have long since learned that being out front for those who hide behind others and won't really fight for their OWN freedom...and WILL throw you under the bus the second a strong adversarial wind blows is NOT a good place to be. GOD NEVER SAID TO BE STUPID!! ‪#‎manylistentotheWRONGgod‬

For those who say EYE can't do it by myself? Hmmm...EYE will say that EYE can do MORE than someone wanting ME to do it ALL for them and EYE see NOTHING from it. Where is the "win" for ANYONE with THAT behavior and mindset?! Whether you chose to admit it or not, THAT'S STILL SOME "SLAVE SHIT," GERALDO!!

IJS....when it comes to "movements?" EYE'll pass. Working on my own...and doing my best to keep it MOVING and keeping a roof over MY head to boot. At least EYE can SEE the actual "movement" in that! And a little REAL action is better than a LOT of fronting and a WHOLE LOT of nothing!


Gil...Amiri...Langston...Sonia...Last Poets
My top 5
The poets EYE grew up to...listened to...read...embraced.
The poetry...the writing...the POWER
That fed MY soul.

Bold soul
Black soul
For wanting and doing
For making "fast food junkies"

Maybe that's how winos feel
Whey they forget what fresh water taste likes
The clarity
and the clearness
Scares the hell out of 'em

And they can't taste the power
In the purity
Because they've grown accustom 
To the swill

EYE never grew accustom 
To the swill
In fact,
Too much swill
Makes ME ill
So EYE had to give myself 
The red pill of poetry
And a little CoQ10
Aka FRESH AIR with a punch
For breakfast, dinner
AND lunch

Now THAT'S my taste!

See why EYE'm different than
The rest


Not knocking bologna sandwiches
If that's all you know and got
But giving thanks
That EYE actually DO know what 
REAL unprocessed food tastes like
And can make my own
And still grab some vintage wine
Out of MY cellars

You are what you eat
And drink
The point.